New Facelift Mod

Thanks. I do try to keep things compatible as I said but there is a lot out there for this game and it’s hard to know what will conflict.

By the way, since I liked your Shandra head so much, and wanted to use it for a companion with custom hair (actually, I already have enough companions on the module I’m doing right now, but I might change things still), I removed the hair in Blender (using Freshlooks import plugin). I’m still a total noob with Blender, but Morgoth, Taurus Daggerknight and Kism have shown me a few tricks, so I managed to do that. Again, getting new heads like this is always very inspiring to me! I want my characters to look good. I only use custom hair, heads and armor most of the time for companions. The vanilla armors, heads and hairs are so bland, and have quite often low resolution. So again, I can’t stress that enough, thanks for all the work you do, @Xaltar !

Awesome, that’s exactly what my mod is for. Use it however you like, it’s intended to be a resource :smiley:


And I promise you that you will get credit if I ever release this. This is the 6th module I’m working on now, my 5th one being betatested by 4760 and Bradcom at the moment. It’s become like an addiction for me to make modules.

Once the bug gets you it’s hard to shake, it’s like that for me with character design and modeling :smiley:

I remember when I first found out and downloaded your first Facelift Pack. It was such an improvement! I mean, the vanilla elf heads are SO ugly.

Yeah, which is a shame because this game was so overlooked as a result. While it sorely lacked in character graphics it excelled almost everywhere else. Even the environments (for the time) were truly breathtaking. The gameplay, story and everything else was great. I honestly think this would have been a contender for game of the year if they had competent character artists.

Chain and padded armors done. Just cloth left to go now, all 17 of them O.o

Maybe I shouldn’t have left the most annoying to last.

By the way, Xaltar, just asking now…Would it be possible (or maybe that’s hard, I know so little about 3D modelling) to get Shandras eyes to be tintable? Is that a lot of work perhaps? (1.8 MB)
Just grab the textures from the Zip file.

Open up the model in MDBConfig and do this.

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Thank you!

EDIT: It worked splendidly!

Hello I got a question about “heads” I am in a pinch. I need to change the party appaerance.

The only way to do it is : to use SetCreatureAppearanceType it works great with many default, replaced and even some custom heads.

But for somme custom heads, it doesn’t and the result is an invisible character. Any idea of the cause, and eventually a fix I could do ? Is it 2da related ? or is it related to “heads files” ?

Sorry, no idea. I am more on the 3d modeling side of things, you are talking about scripts and game edits.
If it was related to the mdb itself I could help but I have no clue with the 2da side of things. The best I can do is edit a few things here and there for testing purposes.

Maybe this can help?

Reserved 2da ranges

I’m looking for saves now.

Here is a save during the first time the party travels to Shandra’s Farmhouse.

061 Shandra farm begin (inactive)

I was able to load it with a completely empty override (actually a completely fresh documents folder)


it seems I need matching MDB with edited files names, and a matching skeleton file name, the skeleton file does’nt need to be edited, but a skeleton with a matching name to the MDB file.

To be more clear.

I need an MDB file with the same head number as the orignal head number, that MDB file need to be edited to have coherent field with its name.
A skeleton file *.gr2 matching the mdb file name, I don’ t need to edit the gr2 file, just to have one with a matching name of the face.

And when all those condition are meet, when I use SetCreatureAppearanceType I got the matching apearance from “face number” of an other race.

Creatures don’t seems to pose any problem.

Specific NPC are not working, they seems to have a specific head number or head name.

@Axe_Edge Thanks for the save file, it’s exactly what I needed :slight_smile:

Thanks to Axe Edge I have finally fixed Shandra Jerro. She now uses her new head and hair for both the NPC model (pre companion) and her companion model. Without the save I would have had a hard time getting the NPC model to work right. I needed to completely rerig the model as it has additional parts. Reuploaded on the vault and the nexus :slight_smile:


Is it just me, or does the head look a bit small in comparison to the rest of the body?

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Fixed, uploading again now. Thanks, it’s easy to get fixated on something and miss other things when doing this :wink: