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No, that big fat yes is useless because it is not tied into the DRUPAL ADMIN panel.

So a spam account joins NWVault. They spam one of your projects.

Then they post a spam post on this forum.

I cannot use the Drupal Admin Panel to click on that spammer’s user name and delete the project post and forum post by deleting their account.

I have to do it twice now.

Once for Drupal and the project page.

Once for the new forum.

This is useless and a waste of time. If the new forum cannot be integrated into the Drupal Admin Panel like the current forum, I do not approve of the change.

Another example.

I click on your user name via this post.

My admin access gives me control to delete Tarrot_Redhand from this forum.

I click delete.

You are now deleted.

Nothing from the project pages, your comments under any other project pages, or posts on the old forum, even your personal project pages are deleted.

To do this, I have to use another Admin Panel to delete you completely from the site.

Waste of time.

It’s just that simple. Integration YAY! Non-Integration, NAY!

These new forums do not integrate your Tarrot_Redhand account to that of the main NWVault Site. I cannot track your posts on this forum via the admin panel. I cannot delete your account via the admin panel and have every single post you made on this new forum be deleted with that action.

It’s double the work. I dislike it already.


Here’s another point I don’t care for.

Recent Posts.

This is a block on the main page when you arrive at NWVault. It details the latest forum posts and activity. Nothing from this new forum is being displayed as a clickable link to any post made on this new forum as it does with the old forum.

Who is going to get this working when the new forum goes live?

Is it even possible?

Bioware has already killed a forum community twice by doing this. Neverwinter Vault has gained a lot of forum activity and it is fed to those blocks depending on where you are on the site, to showcase what new forum post has been made while you are visiting. How will this feature be integrated with the new forum?

Changing forums will not work if the new functionality of that system is not taken care of with the legacy system (Recent Post link lists, Styles [ Black Hole / Castle Vault CSS applied to new forum ], ability to delete a user via Drupal Admin Panel). If this change happens without a new system in place, the recent post block becomes useless and will no longer show any activity via the new forum site wide.

I use Black Hole site-wide as my NWVault Theme. It isn’t even being applied to this new forum.

Click on this link -

See any topics from this new forum listed? Who is going to integrate and write the code to support it? Who is this magical person? We don’t even have someone who knows Drupal, so who is going to integrate this new forum software site-wide that makes use of a Drupal backbone?


Hey FP, why don;t you tell us what you really think :P.

Just funnin ya, but you do make good points about the difficulties of migration. May I ask why is there a need to migate? What feature are missing that this new site will address. Is his something that if not addressed will cause an exodus from the original site or hinder the increase in members? Is this for aesthetic reasons or is there a structural flaw.

I have only recently become active on this site and am glad to have done so. I appreciate the work involved with the maintenance of this site and am grateful of the effort of the admin/moderators. Just don’t make so much work of it that you don’t enjoy it. It would b a shame to create a new site if it cast aside the original forums

Anyway, the sound of two coins hitting the flloor hers my two cents. hehe


This earlier thread on the subject may help summarize.


So… when do we switch over? :smile_cat:




Apparently never…


it’s nice forum software (really nice) esp. once ya get the hang of it. have a random video

( no that’s not me )



I like these new forums a lot. They are easy to use, clean and pretty. Using them i got an idea… There is a thing that could help me tremendously (and perhaps others, who knows), if it was implemented:

  • some sort of “Return to NeverwinterVault site” button. Ideally, i would love to see something like that in the screen top (near the magnifying glass ?). This improvement would probably help a lot with the “back and forth” between old and new forums. Maybe that new function already exists, but i did’nt find it.

Thanks for all the great work. Neverwinter Vault rocks! :grin:



Ah yeah…now it’s all dark and grooooooooooooovy. :wink:


Is it possible to configure these forum things not to drop you to the last post? It is already confusing with scroll thing, no pages and all that.