New game 15 years after, where to start?


Recently I bought NWN EE on Steam. 15 years ago I was used to installing modules and hacks, but now I’m a bit overwhelmed. Can you advise me which basic add-ons to install (and how). I wanted to start with CEP 3.01, but I see that there is a haks install order. How are they installed?

Thank you

Here’s a guide to installing NWN modules and other mods (NIT will do it for you if you prefer):

For many players, custom modules are the main attraction (including the lavish PWs, of course).

Unless you plan to build a module, there’s no point in installing CEP until you want to play a module that requires it (at which time CEP 2.67 will cater for all CEP 1 and 2 needs).

Indeed, most of the mods on the Vault are aimed at builders, having no impact on the game in general.

There are quite a few popular mods which do change the official game in various ways, but none of them are exactly “must have” for returning players.

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Thanks for the answer

And the hak install order that you read about for CEP is only relevant for builders, too, I think.

NWN EE offers a few select community modules via the in-game menu now, btw, and also installs all the necessary haks for them automatically.

What seems to cause issues occasionally though is when people subscribe to content on Steam workshop, so I think it’s preferable to keep doing it like you did back in the days, by getting all modules and haks that are not offered in-game via downloads from the Vault page instead of from the workshop.

What has changed is that NWN now has a folder in Windows’ user/documents directory where all the individual user information and files are stored (settings, haks, overrides etc.). If you uninstall NWN EE, this folder will not be deleted along with the game, it will still be there when you install NWN again, unless you delete it manually. And that’s where all stuff downloaded from the Vault goes, as explained in Proleric’s link.

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I understand. Thank you for the kind explanation.

There is one other change not so far mentioned. That is that the file type for opening and closing movies has changed from bik to wbm. Fortunately NIT will do the conversion automatically for you -

Neverwinter Nights Mod Installer Tool - NIT

Also, if NIT seems overwhelming with all its possibilities there’s

JimDad55’s introductory video to NIT on YouTube.



I didn’t know about NIT. Thank you.