New lighting on CEP blades

Have somebody noted that some CEP blades, especially the ninja-to and machete, both short swords, have a strange white blotch that is not present when I turn the new lighting off? It looks like they hit somebody that bleeds milk.

If it is not an incompatibility from my end, is there something that could be done? Could I do something with no knowledge of modding?
Thank you very much.

I haven’t seen any issues with any of the short sword models. Here’s a screen of the ninja-to. Doesn’t look too shabby:

Yes, your sword look alright. Do you have the EE new lighting on?
I should have posted a screenshot, I’m sorry. Here you go:

These models are easier to see due to the largeness of the blade, but it happens with others too. I’ve only noticed with short sword because these are the ones I use most.

Thank you!