New Prestige Class - Artisan

Could I get someone to create a new prestige class for me? Just a mod to stick in my override folder? Or am I asking for hours of intense effort? This is what I have in mind.

One of the aspects of NWN2 that I really enjoy is the crafting. I have installed “The Complete Craftsman” mod and spend a fair amount of time modifying my (and my team-mates) possessions. I would have liked to have used a special class to enhance this aspect of the game. These are the parameters I thought looked about right:


4HP, 6SP, Low BAB, High Will Saves
REQ Brd, Clr, Drd, Fav, Sor, Sps, Wiz, DEX: 13+, INT: 12+, Lore 8

L1 Exotic Weapons
L1 Scribe Scroll
L1 Artisan Spellcasting (selected spell progression continues as normal)
L2 Craft Magic Arms & Armor
L3 Craft Wondrous Items
L4 Craft Wand
L4 Skill Affinity: Spellcraft +2
L5 Brew Potion
L5 Skill Affinity: Craft All (Alchemy Armor Traps Weapons) +2

Class Skills - Use Magic Device, Open Lock, Set Trap, Appraise, Craft Alchemy, Craft Armor, Craft Trap, Craft Weapon, Disable Device, Lore, Spellcraft
Perform is a Cross-class skill.

No, it’s a task for half an hour max. Are you using any other mods that add new classes (Kaedrin’s PrC Pack, for example)? If no, are there any other mods that modify Dialog.TLK, feats.2da, classes.2da? I ask this because I’d need to merge them with yours, so you need to upload these files somewhere.

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That’s a tough one. I have installed Complete Craftsman, Random Loot Generator, Client Extension, Companion and Monster AI Hak, xUI, and I have done a few minor modifications to the 2DA files to tweak about four existing races. I have the kaedprcpack but was hesitant to install it because I did not want to replace my Dialog.tlk file from the CEP. I installed part of an Unlimited Ammo weapon mod but again not the whole thing as I did not want to replace the Dialog.tlk file. So I fiddled with portions of the override files to get it to work for me. I only wanted some more effective archery equipment. Tried using the Xaltar heads but gave up when it kept replacing Amie’s head. The only companion’s head I allowed to be replaced was Elanee’s. I try to restrict my changes to the override folder for the most part (excepting of course, the CEP). A couple of MotB mods - spirit energy, gave Safiya hair, etc.

CEP for NWN2? I’ve never heard about something like this. What exactly do you mean?

And there’s nothing to be afraid of replacing the Dialog.TLK file. Most mods (like kPrC pack) just add new lines at the end of this file (don’t touching the original ones) and then re-link original descriptions to these new lines. If you want to add a new class you have to modify Dialog.TLK, since a new class must contain new in-game text (its name and description, as well as names of the class feats that indicate spellcasting progression).

Just use windows search to check if the mentioned files are there.

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Been a couple of years since I made some of these changes. I originally started with Neverwinter Nights I DE so I might have confused myself a bit on the CEP.

Is it possible that you could type up a short guide that would allow me to make the changes myself? I particularly have no idea how to modify the Dialog.tlk file. I also have absolutely no idea how I could upload to you.

Historically an Artisan would craft only in one area your class would be to broad. Something like a Master Weapon smith or Master Armorer. These people would be Masters of their craft. Your class is to broad. An Artisan is the greatest of the Masters. In our world there have been very few people that would be a Master in several fields such as Leonardo da Vinci or Benjamin Franklin. Just food for thought about not over balancing the game. Good Luck with your new class.:four_leaf_clover:

Sorry, have to pass here… Writing guide will be quite time-consuming for me (given my clunky english).
It would be much easier if someone explained you how to use, for example, Dropbox for uploading files.

Its not difficult
it’s a task for half an hour max.

Could someone at least list which files I need to modify and what application is used to modify Dialog.tlk? I might be able to figure out the rest for myself.

It is a good point to bring up and I did make some attempt to address it. It is the reason that I gave it low hitpoints and only saves in will. Also his class skills are largely only craft related. I stuck in exotic weapons so someone might be tempted to at least try the class. I have never done any crafting with wands or portions and wanted an excuse to at least try them. I think this class would actually weaken many characters but give them more flexibility. I am open to suggestions as to what would balance it without reducing the crafting features. Perhaps 3 hitpoints?

In real life I am part ranger, part bard, part peasant farmer, part philosopher, and part artisan.

I guess what I am saying is that, while I very much identify with the ranger, I am used to having a broader range of skills and abilities than the class provides. So I multi-class to make it more realistic for me. It allows me to continue living my life on a mental plane.

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“Specialization is for insects.”

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He’s probably referring to genetic specialization. Skill specialization is more economically efficient for humans.

It’s taken from the Bob Heinlein SF novel “Time Enough for Love” (1973) . A number of quotes from that book are to be found here.


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I like the idea behind this Class. with the Complete Craftsman Rebooted it could be an indirectly powerful addition to a party; even though most of the time he/she would be a mere hanger-on, it would force (or inspire) a player like myself to keep the party equipped with top-notch gear.

Aqvilinus is right in that it’s not difficult to implement - it’s just complicated. There are likely quirks and bugaboos (typical of Nwn2) - like the fact that a modified Dialog.Tlk should go in the player-folder, but its entries won’t appear in the toolset unless it’s in the installation folder. That is, the game will use one file and the toolset will use the other one if you’re not careful.

Off the top of my head, several class-related .2das also need to be created. A happy place in Classes.2da has to be found, that doesn’t conflict with Reserved 2da Ranges (per the nwn2 wiki). The difficult part could be figuring out various possible spellcasting progressions; any of these would need to go in Feat.2da, leading to more possible conflicts to resolve with Reserved 2da Ranges. etc. Spellcasting progression also needs to work in reverse, i believe.

And i wouldn’t make it a Prestige Class. I’d want this guy available at the git-go. Or perhaps after a level or two of Wizard/Sorcerer …

It just gets further complicated. synergy with Kaedrin’s Pack, for example

various scripts in various modules will examine character class and this one won’t be there. Example, the OC/MotB Silver Sword wants to know what class in its OnAcquired script … that’s just one example, it’s not a major issue but it’s there.

stuff like this is why it’s more difficult to write a tutorial than to simply implement it. It’s like biting a horse’s tail: you could end up with a mouthful of horse-hoof.

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I did try to keep the requirements for it low. The Lore requirement could be reduced. I just do not think it would work as an entry level character, thus the prestige class. It also ensures that it does not interfere with multi-classing, i.e., you would not need to match other class levels with it. But one thing you did clarify for me, I am out of my league on this one. I have done a few race and object modifications, but I have never tried to create a class from scratch. I had thought I could try to use the Harper Agent class as a template on how to create this one, but I suppose there is more to it than that.

it makes sense to keep it as a PrC… idk. If I can get my head unstuck from Ai and other things i’ll give it a go

I appreciate your input and understand the difficulties involved. But I have to disagree with you on one point alone, your English is just great!


I just realized that this class has an issue with it that would need to be addressed. Crafting recipes require that the character have a certain minimum number of levels of a spellcaster class. This class would make the feats more accessible but would actually interfere with the acquisition of the necessary number of levels in the OC to perform significant crafting. I am unfamiliar with the inner mechanics of how the game works, but for an Artisan class to function properly, a character with Artisan class would need to be perceived as having a class level of “Artisan level + Primary Casting class level” for purposes of crafting. Or perhaps just assign the Character level for the spellcaster class crafting level as a privilege of having Artisan class. So a character with Artisan L5 and Wizard L5 would be perceived as a Wizard L10 (or whatever spellcasting class) for purposes of, for example, enhancing melee weapons with 1d6 fire damage (as per TCC).

testing for that would be required. I’d hope that if Spellcasting Progression is set up correctly, the engine will include it whenever the function GetCasterLevel() or similar is used. Yet i also have bells going off, because there are scripts that go through sometimes elaborate mechanisms to get a caster-level … def. requires further investigation