New project: Border Kingdom Ruler

There is a dearth of stronghold / kingdom management modules in the community. It seems that after winning a kingdom by your own hand as an adventurer, it’s believed that you can just live happily ever after. I find that doubtful…

In Border Kingdom Ruler, you and your adventuring party have just taken over a keep in one of the Border Kingdoms, and with it the kingdom’s throne. The main town lies a short ride away, its inhabitants wary of the presence of a new ruler - or perhaps just resigned to having to live with yet another occupant of the throne, which seems to change hands at the drop of a hat (or sword).

The module will be for 1-3 rulers (yes! multiplayer!) to see if they can thrive - or at least survive - in their new kingdom. It will be turn-based, with each turn representing the results of one month in-game. Internal resource management, border conflicts and diplomacy with your two neighbors, and random events will occur each turn. Accomplishments, whether in making your kingdom prosperous or defeating enemies on the battlefield, will determine your final ruler score.

Planned features for version 1.0 release:
– 10-turn game
– Three kingdoms, each with a different prevailing alignment (Good, Neutral and Evil) that will affect the game in various ways.
– Select an NPC ruling advisor, who will present you with choices each turn to execute your ruling agenda. Their class and alignment will influence available actions and outcomes.
– Select a war leader, who will command your forces in battle. This can be yourself, a fellow co-op player, or an NPC. If you die in battle and cannot be raised, however, the game ends there.
– Develop your keep, within the limited resources and time available
– Manage and protect the principal town. Relations with the population will impact your success.
– Raise a small army to protect your lands, with a mix of different unit types (including special alignment-based ones)
– Battles resulting from either random events or deliberate border incursions

Planned features for subsequent releases:
– 20 and 30-turn games
– Additional random events of various types
– Enabling dungeoneering event chains
– Seasonal changes over time

I would welcome input/ideas prior to release on design aspects and content, especially ones involving potential labor-saving devices. Caveat: a long list of cool features that would likely take months (or years) to implement, probably won’t be.

Thanks to the discussion in the NWC Discord #module-development channel, for helping make concrete some initial thoughts on the project.

A multiplayer session that will serve as a beta test has been scheduled on Neverwinter Connections as an application game, on Saturday April 27:


As an update, the Border Kingdom Ruler pre-release multiplayer beta session on Neverwinter Connections now has all three ruler slots taken, but the accompanying (optional) War Leader slots are still available. See the linked event page for details and reach out to one (or more) of the listed rulers (BoNT, Kinslayer, or Liberty Prime) if interested in being one of the war leaders.

War leaders will act as informal advisors during the decisions phase - basically the rulers can talk to them as much as they want - and then will command the ruler’s army in the field during any battles. It’s not a requirement to have one to play, but it’s an interesting experiment in structuring the multiplayer aspect of the module.

Game is on April 27th, follow the link to see at what time it’s happening. (Registered users at Neverwinter Connections can adjust site settings to automatically show their home time zone. Otherwise events are listed at GMT -5 by default.)

Any news about the release?

Thanks for asking about it. Realistically I’m going to shoot for July, I think.

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The playtest was great fun @Carlo and it’s good to see you’re motoring along.

As I’ve said many times I’m working on my own idea for a Kingdom Building game but on a much smaller scope and even with that I haven’t had much time to work on it. Keep up the good fight!

The encouragement is always appreciated. I’ve put the project down for a while to focus on other things, but should have more time to work on it over the next month.

Any news about this?

Thanks for asking. After putting out the DMFI 101: Enhanced Edition mod and dealing with some other things, I’ve got finishing this off next on my NWN building to-do list.

As an update, I have various things to do for my weekly DM’d Westgate Campaign in the near term, so plan to push resumption of development for Border Kingdom Ruler to around late October, with a Christmas release date target.

I’ve decided to shelve this until the new toolset comes out - which should bring added features - and there’s additional energy around NWN:EE. Also doing more to evolve my weekly campaign (hosted at Neverwinter Connections) both with the mod itself and the out-of-game elements, so I feel that’s a more productive and enjoyable use of my time for now.

Sigh. I was really looking forward to this :frowning_face:

It’s good to know there’s interest. And it’s not dead yet! I’ve put too much time into the build to not resume it at some point.