New project: DMFI multiplayer base mod for builders (NWN:EE)

Putting out a DMFI multiplayer base mod for NWN:EE builders has been somewhere towards the middle of my to-do list for a while, but lately I’ve seen a few things around the community that indicate there is demand for it, and sooner rather than later. Having just released the multiplayer Amee Pass mod, I plan on taking a couple days away from building, then putting out version 1.0 of the base mod by March 2nd.

What the builder package is intended to be and include:
– A way for people to get started building their own MP campaign mod, or other mod where they want multiplayer tools and resources, out-of-the-box
– Standard pre-installed DM/Player tools (DMFI 1.09 Wands and Widgets)
– Include no-hak and CEP 2.x versions of the base mod
– Multiple rulesets that are configurable (both in the toolset and in-game by a DM) - resting systems, bleeding/death/respawn systems
– Common toolset resources relevant to building for multiplayer (such as the SEI sitable placeables, Abaddon’s Descriptive Triggers, etc.)
– Full documentation that allows novice builders to use the mod
– Links to recommended additional resources, especially prefab areas that can be easily imported into the base mod, and some of the more broadly useful additional script systems such as encounter/spawner ones.
– Streamlined and light footprint (to the extent possible). It should be easy for builders to add their preferred additional script systems and haks, rather than be forced to figure out how to rip out what they don’t want. They should be able to just ignore “extra” content without it causing an issue.

What it is NOT intended to be or include:
– “Complete” systems (even if excellent ones) with a heavy footprint across mod event handlers and that include install requirements that give little flexibility to the builder for their own changes, especially a novice one.
– Everything on the Vault that is cool: this is not an exercise in seeing how much awesome content can be packed into one mod.
– Systems that have their own lengthy documentation. This is somewhat subjective, but anything that takes 5-6+ pages (say) to understand will probably confuse the average person who just wants to get on with building areas. Probably should be included in the links section
– Tailored for advanced builders. If you fall into this category, I’m assuming that you’ve already configured your own personal base mod and tweaked everything lovingly so it works together.
– An extensive prefab “campaign kit” or “soundstage” for DMs to use out-of-the-box. This is an interesting idea that has come up again in recent discussions, but it deserves its own treatment, and probably could be done better by someone else.

I’d welcome thoughtful suggestions for additional community/Vault resources to include, in terms of scripting/toolset/in-game features, that people have had positive experiences with using. I’ll plan to take a look at this over the next 2-3 days, let it marinate, and start cooking towards the end of the week.

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This would be really useful Carlo, I know builder DMs who would really appreciate it. A full guide would be handy now it runs entirely from DM wands with respect to things like resting. If you need any help let me know.

As an aside, I don’t think DMFI has a bleed system in place - though I’d stand corrected if I failed to spot it when setting up a campaign. In which case either a version with HABD within it or perhaps updating to include one would be useful. Again, help if you need it is here for the asking.

VM - appreciate the feedback and the support. I actually did something similar for NWN2 back in the day, which is why I’m confident I can put a useful package together in a couple of days and release it. I do want to make sure I don’t miss anything brilliant that’s been developed over the last couple of years, or I’m just not aware of, that should be included.

In terms of specifics, I use HABD for bleeding/death in my personal mods and one of the things I’ll do is take a hard look at whether I can include that relatively easily as a switchable option, or replicate the core bleeding/death functions in a different way (basically my approach the last time around with NWN2). I expect that the configurable rest options will include time-based, supply-based, location restrictions (areas or triggers), or a mix.

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This is so great. Thank you so much for doing this!

Some form of bleeding or at the very least some time (3? 5? CON bonus in rounds?) that a incapacitated PC lies there, able to be healed would be solid.

The DMFI Multiplayer Starter Mod has now been released:


Hi there, THANK YOU!

But, since I installed the CEP (well after starting to build my first version of my module), I had to restart building it from scratch after I made it, and it’s now very very far into it’s completion. So, I don’t want to start building it again.

It has the CEP in there, but, no bleeding or resting beyond the default NWN install.

Is there a simple way to get a bleeding effect in my module now without having to remake it?

I do plan for a work around if it’s impossible. When my players actually travel away from the initial (huge) town I made – i’ll just have a new entire module built using your new base mod above.

One of the things you could do is treat your existing mod like a prefab. Just export all of the areas into an erf. Then import that into the base mod. A section of the accompanying docs talks about how to do that, it would take maybe 2 minutes. If you’ve added a lot of other custom palette content and other scripts, just make sure that’s exported as well.

The alternative is to separately install your own bleeding/death system, links are in the Builder’s Guide. That’ll take longer than 2 minutes, I expect.