New Project - HotDQ conversion

Hi all,

my campaign Return of the Exile has reached a stable version now, and I have less and less to do on it the more time passes. So I think I’m going to start a new small project while I work on a bigger one. But first, a couple of general thoughts.

Over the past years I had been thinking of switching toolset for the Divinity Original Sin one, but the more I read about it the more against it I am. So I made the decision to keep creating for NWN2 which I know my way around.

I have two projects in mind. The first, I am not prepared to share anything yet other than the fact that it will be inspired by the Dark Souls games and it will take place in the same world as Return of the Exile. Work has been done on the mechanics and general layout but that’s it.

This topic is about another campaign though. Over the past year I have been DMing a 5th edition campaign for my friends. Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat. The first has gotten mixed reviews to say the least, but we happened to enjoy it. Halfway through I realized that the campaign could easily be converted to the NWN2 toolset. So I am thinking of doing it. It will not be as long as Return of the Exile… probably just something to get my hands dirty while working on the bigger project on the side.

It will be linear and I will follow the book to the letter and not implement many side quests of my own. Since I DMed the campaign, I know it by heart and I think it could be done in a relatively fast pace.

I think it will be fun modding a campaign I just DMed and I also hope to communicate this fun and excitement to the players.


Glad you decided to stick with NWN2. As someone who made a module for DOS2, I feel that its toolset is more limited than that of NWN2, to the point where even basic features like creating quests are a hassle, not to mention how many more developer and custom assets NWN2 offers Also, gameplay in NWN2 has greater depth than DOS2 in general.

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Hi all,

just as I did for Return of the Exile, I will post some progress here. The whole isolation thing got me to open the toolset again and do some work on the first area. But first, a few words about the adventure.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, for those who don’t know, was the first adventure path to be released for the 5th edition. It’s main fault was that the rules were not completely ready, but Wizards wanted it written ASAP to be pushed out with the release of the edition, or so the internet says. This caused imbalances and angry DMs who had to do a lot of work to make it playable.

I DMed it a while ago, and yes, it requires a lot of homework from the DM. But I tend to like altering bought content so I didn’t mind.

All in all, the adventure has the party going after the Cult of the Dragon and plays in Sword Coast (kinda all of it). The party gets to visit Baldur’s Gate, Elturel and Waterdeep to name a few, although sadly not for long, since most of it plays in the wilderness.

My plan is to create a loose 3.5e conversion. I don’t care if for example, the kobolds in 5e have the special ability “pact tactics” which gives them advantage on the attack if an ally stands withing 5 feet. I will not be converting 5e to 3.5e. This is purely the story of the adventure brought to NWN2.

The adventure will be released chapter by chapter, except the book chapter 5-8. 5-6 and 7-8 will be released together, since 5 and 7 are extremely short in the book.
Chapter 1: The raid in Greenest
Chapter 2: Raider’s Camp
Chapter 3: Dragon Hatchery
Chapter 4: On the Road
Chapter 5 - 6: Construction Ahead and Castle Naerytar
Chapter 7 - 8: Hunting Lodge and Castle in the Clouds

For some of the chapter I expect really small workload. Some others(On the Road) will be tricky and probably take most of the building time.

Anyway, that#s it for now. I’ll try to keep potential players updated over the next weeks :slight_smile: .

In my next update I will show some screenshots of the first chapter, for which I think I can take full advantage of the overland map features to make it shine :slight_smile: .


I finished my second run ROE and enjoyed it both times. I’m looking forward to this adventure when you get it done.

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