New Stable Release (Not Development)

As I am on the development build I wouldn’t have known about this except for the fact that I signed up to be notified of changes on the trello boards. Today (11th July 2018) patch 1.76 went live. The details are on this trello page.

[edit] Looks like I beat the front page announcement by about 10 minutes. That makes a change :sunglasses:



Does the Toolset still say v1.74?

Probably. I’m on the development build and it still says 1.74 with a copyright year of 2017.


Surprise development update earlier today. The patch notes are only on steam atm. (we still haven’t had a trello card for the previous one).


New RETAIL patch. It is a biggie at 1.96 gig. On BD Client and Steam (I think). Not yet on GOG but they’re working on it. Patch notes here (On BD Blog!). Have fun.


BD Client users Note -You will probably need to re-attach any BD DLC that you have once the patch has finished downloading. FWIW I also came across a 230 meg (I think) update for Infinite Dungeons while I was at it but I don’t know if this is new or I previously missed it.

[Edit 2]

Found updates for both Pirates and Wyvern Crown too. Looks like these 3 are new updates then.

[Edit 3] Have now also discovered a relatively small update for the Dev branch too! What is going on?


New stable retail release of just over 1.5 gb. Version number 8193.13. Coming to GOG, Steam and BD client. Patch notes here.

There are apparently fixes to some Premium modules as well. All apparently part of the patch.


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WARNING: This probably won’t affect many if anyone else but I use the toolset on a Mac with Steam. About an hour ago I was working on a module and clicked on the game to test it ( F9 no longer works after a previous “upgrade”) !

Despite the fact that my account had been taken offline and I had selected no auto update the game immediately started updating.

Long story short the toolset will no longer open on WINE and I’m screwed ! Have posted on Steam but there Julius, the developer is suggesting a complete deletion of all game files and then re subscribing to everything.

I’ve asked if there is a way of just rolling back the toolset. Does anyone here know if just replacing the toolset.exe file would work?

UPDATE: Julius from Beamdog Forums offered me a solution that works. I c/pasted the .exe file into the bin/MacOS folder ( Mac users will know what I mean - Steam uses a tortuous path !) and it opened fine from there.

Hmm, worked the first time but not since (?) . There is a renaming you can do of a file. I’ll try that.

I’m on Linux (so I didn’t bother with the macos folder :slight_smile: but I can confirm that copying the toolset binary to a different directory (one that does not contain openal32.dll) works fine. If you don’t run the game in windows you can just rename openal32.dll to something else so it’s not found.

It should continue to work. I’m not sure what you are seeing jimdad55. If you are using a launcher icon make sure it’s pointing to the right binary.

Thanks, Meaglyn. It opens fine but on a module where I haven’t had a single crash in about a month working on it has now crashed 7/8 times since I found this workaround. Could be coincidence as it is getting larger with more haks . . .

I’ll start taking some out and see if it helps.

Fair enough. That sounds like a different issue then. I haven’t done anything complex with the new one yet…

I fired this one up and NWN finally looks astonishing and plays fluidly, exactly as I always hoped it would one day. I don’t know what Beamdog did to this latest release, but it brought tears to my eyes.

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Massive FPS drop with the last stable patch.

New stable retail release version number 8193.20. Coming to GOG, Steam and BD client. It is big (over 1.5gig - sorry it started downloading while I was finding the patch notes). Patch notes here (shockingly on BD not steam!).


I know I have asked this elsewhere… Would it be possible to point me to where the “new” 2das are in Steam? Thanks in advance!


To be honest I’ve no idea and I’m more concerned about this from the graphical improvements section of the notes -

  • Normal maps are now read as two-channel textures (three are still supported, but this was needed for BC5)

I’ve asked in the relevant thread over on the BD forums but haven’t had a reply yet.


@pliny_the_elder on my PC the path is

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Neverwinter Nights\

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Hotfix type patch of just over 289 meg. No patch notes as yet.



Hotfix resolves -

  • Fixed specific crossbow model crashing some clients.
  • Fixed some dedicated servers not correctly advertising NWSync downloads.


They finally fixed the crash at startup that they introduced in last stable. Took them 2 months to fix a problem which prevented players to play the game…

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