New Stable Release (Not Development)

New retail patch 8193.28 (very small to tiny at ~110mb). Patch notes on Beamdog.


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New retail patch 8193.32 (about 790 meg in size). Patch notes on Beamdog.


Jeepers! They hardly gave us time to regression test Development Build .31 before shipping to Retail!

What is a json? And does it have argonauts?

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I put a couple of links to free, downloadable, pdf tutorials on json in this post on the drool thread just last week. In a nutshell json (JavaScript Object Notation) is a data notation framework. In some ways (but nowhere near all) it is similar to xml but with much less faff. Look at at least one of those tutorials. They explain it much better than I just have.


To answer the second question: json has no argonauts as it’s so powerful and doesn’t need them :smiley: .
For example you can create a json from an object (creature, item, …) and then use the json to read the object’s data… data you couldn’t read before like SoundSet for creatures (NWNlexicon has the example for GetCreatureSoundSet()) or First/Last name or now you can extend GetItemAppearance to support the changes EE has made to CopyItemAndModify long log ago (per-part coloring). You can make edits to the json and then create a new object from it - unfortunately you can use the json to make changes to an existing object (so no SetCreatureSoundSet for example).

Also as json has arrays you can now have arrays in nwscript. jsons also have some advantages over structs as you can easily read/write them from/to a local. Unfortunately you can’t have static jsons as you can’t initialize them with values.

Did you mean “can’t”?

Very helpful, thank you.

I guess we’ll need more documentation than this JsonArray() - NWN Lexicon (specially examples) on how to setup arrays.

I think that the procesos should be:

json JsonArray(arrayname);

And the we can define its content like:

arrayname = [“bla”, “bla1”, “bla2”] ;

I’ll try it later when back at home.


I think this all means my out-of-box compiler won’t work anymore… Somewhat disappointing that they are changing the actual nwscript language. I may have to stop updating the game :slight_smile:

jSon is just a new way to do things - goes along with the NUI. Its an addon not a change per say. NSS language isn’t really changing - all the old functions are still there and work the same. jSon and NUI just expand the capabilities of the game.

For more information - look on the Vault Discord in the NWNEE channel. I’ve also attached an NUI demo I whipped up using @Daz 's NUI include. (10.3 KB)

The demo module allows the player to configure optional game “rules”. The button appears in the bottom right next to the compass.

No, it’s adding a new basic type to the language. That needs to be recognized and handled by the compiler. It’s not the same as adding new functions to nwscript.nss which use the already existing types (int, float, object etc).

But… it seems there is already a mechanism for handling new engine structures even if they are unknown since it worked for sqlquery and cassowary types. That’s cool. And also a little strange… I wonder how that actually works… I’ll have to poke at that.

EDIT: It dynamically adds the ENGINE_STRUCTURE_X values as reserved words and does the right thing. I had never noticed that piece before. Learn something new everyday…

Yes, can should be can’t :oops:


New retail patch 8193.33. Patch notes on Beamdog.


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