New turn-based RPG - Realms Beyond

This isn’t exactly NWN-related, but it does pertain to D&D, the d20 system, and cRPGs. Just in case you haven’t heard about it, the German indie game company Ceres Games is working on a new classic turn-based RPG called Realms Beyond:

They are supposed to have a booth set up at Gamescom2018 in Cologne this month. I myself can’t wait for this game.

Seems interesting, apparently it will be the most faithful reproduction of DnD 3.5 on a computer game.

I have read something by the forum admin there that they intend to introduce Prestige Classes later down the line, but do them differently, a la Wizardry. I’m not sure what he intends with that (strictly speaking there were no prestige classes in Wizardry, you could start as Lord, Valkyrire or Bishop if you wanted and never class change).

My first reaction is - Oh no, not yet another isometric game! Come on guys. Do a proper 3D game. With modern hardware we’re no longer in the stone ages. Is someone selling a cheap isometric engine or what.


That is one hell of the contradiction…

The weird thing is I bet it’s harder to implement the rule set than it is to have a 3d engine. If you’ve got the rule set, the other parts should be relatively simple.


More recently (in the Kickstarter comments) the developer said they decided to stick pretty close to the prestige classes in the 3.5e SRD, though they might introduce some special spells, feats, etc. to reflect their world’s lore.

The main deviation from 3.5e seems to be that they are making all spell casters have a sorcerer style spell access rather than having to prepare specific spells for each slot each time before resting.

Edit: Oh yeah the game is currently funding on Kickstarter for anyone who is interested.