Newbie and probly noob question

I played NWN 1 a long time ago when I was young and silly and so never got around to finishing it.

Now I got back to it and am nearly dying to find out, how to edit the max char level for a module in the toolset.

I’d like to try this on the OC, all 3 of them. I know the change will not affect saved games.

I have tried to find everywhere for a solution but its either referring to NWN 2 or the MMO. I keep seeing other forums that have users boast of doing it, all the way up to level 120 max, but never showing the methods.

So is anyone willing to help on this? I have the gog version which shows 1.69.

Before you do anything else and if you haven’t done so already, install the critical rebuild patch for your machine and version. In spite of what gog tells you and in spite of what some people claim on the gog forums this is necessary because the gog version is missing a few things.


Alrite got that done, how to edit the level cap please?

I’ve no idea. TBH I had expected those with more knowledge of that particular topic to have stepped in to help you by now. I suspect (but don’t quote me) that currently it is only possible to increase those stats for persistent worlds by using NwNx and not for single player. Of course I could be wrong.


I guess I will just search for it while envying those who managed to do it.

This seems to be a custom module? Or is it changing the whole game?

NWN is limited to 40 for player characters and 120 for NPCs

Legendary Level systems (there are 3 at least on vault) allows to go beyond 40 however these levels are not “real” and not using the game GUI, these levels are scripted and fake and offers usually weaker benefits than if you would levelled up normally.

I see, thanks. Oh well I will stick to playing with 2da files.