Nim tools and bic?

It doesn’t happen often I would need a functionality of this set of utils, but I just happened to need a gff->human readable format conversion, while for other formats I have legacy tools for the job, there is nothing for GFF. So I downloaded it, but I just cannot understand how to use this.

–help was not helpful at all, it prints error that the input file couldn’t be found, does it even work with .bic?

anyone has some examples? the documentation for this is lacking

nwn_gff.exe -i yourbic.bic -o yourbic.json

thanks, that worked, the error I was doing was not specifying output or when I did, not giving it a .json extension, it seems only work when both parameters are set and the output is .json format

I expected the tool will automatically choose inputfilename as output with automatical format if I don’t specify that but it is not the case

EDIT: unfortunately the outpurt, at least in windows version, is unusable - it prints the whole data into single line which makes comparing impossible. So I am deleting this again…

  -p, --pretty                Pretty output (json only)