NIT for Android?

Is it possible to use this on Android? Or is there an easier way than manually copying everything into the phone? Unfortunately I’m in Android 13 which requires connecting to my laptop to access the required directories. I wish they used a base level folder as opposed to having to enter Android system folders.

Hello Damian5000 it’s Dustin.

I’m pretty sure it’s Windows only. Here are the requirements:


Neverwinter Nights or the Enhanced Edition. .NET Framework 4.8 or higher (Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or later). Installed by the Setup program if required. 7-Zip (available from is external)).

7-zip is also Windows-only.

Surazal, the person that developed the tool, has released the source code. Someone could use that to write Android versions, theoretically. However, Android & Windows are pretty different under the hood in many ways.

My $0.02: It would be a difficult to quite unreasonable task. Doing something like NIT for Android would probably best be started from scratch w/ Android-specific development.

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Yeah I suspected. I did find a couple apps that allow access to data on Android 13… MiXplorer

Yes, any decent file explorer on Android will let you access the folders.

The RAR app is handy for extracting archives of all formats without connecting to a PC.

Having said that, when your desktop is available, going via Windows can be quicker and easier - at least, judging by my very ancient Android tablet - your mileage may vary.

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