NIT Installer question

I got the NWN1 Enhanced Edition through Steam and downloaded the NIT installer to try to play the module I created for NWN when it first came out. The installer helped me to open the module (3 custom hakpaks) in the toolset but won’t load in the actual game itself.

Is there a good troubleshooting guide or someone out there familiar enough to help me?

The module can be found here Northern Realms of Psam - Guiding Principles (Part One) | The Neverwinter Vault

I had no issue loading it in the toolset, or selecting a premade character to play the module. What issue exactly do you have?


Thanks. When I Select Premade Character it tells me the module may be corrupt. At first it wasn’t recognizing the hak files, so I searched for a solution and found the NIT Installer and that enabled me to load it in the toolset but it says the module may be corrupt when I go to play.

I just used NIT to download and install the mod. I had no trouble opening the Mod in the Toolset or selecting a premade character to play the module.

Can you confirm that you used NIT to download the Module?

Might be worth using NIT to uninstall the module and then delete it. After this, try use NIT to download and install the Mod and see if it works.

Thanks that worked! Over the years I’ve tinkered and updated this module. If I want to use the NIT installer for the updated version of this module, would I need to upload it to the NWVault first and then use the Installer?

No, you can copy your updated version of the mod to NIT’s Mod folder (eg Northern Realms of Psam or Northern Realms of Psam.Downloads) and then recreate the Mod Installer. NIT will use the latest version of the Mod if it has the same name. You can also use the Installer Wizard builder to prompt you with which version to use.

Hope this helps.

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