Noob looking for direction

Played back in the day, saw a video and though man, I would really like to play again.
I’m old and my first venture into Neverwinter was on my Tandy on the Neverwinter Nights AOL edition.

Found my way here and immediately became overwhelmed with all of the awesome.

This is very cool, but I don’t know where to get started.
I think I want to replay the game and all the original content again.

What I think I would like to do is enhance the graphics, fix any bug fixes.
and some non lore breaking quality of life things.

But how do I go about installing mods? is there a page that I missed with the basic instructions?
A good video?

A way to search the mod list. There are so many.

Found this list…

Thank you

I made a guide on how to find and install mods.

You may not need to read the detail on installation, as the NIT tool does that for you.

There are lots of facelift and QOL mods around, but none that are unequivocally must-have.

NWN is unusual in that the really stunning work is to be found in fan-made adventure modules and PWs (thanks to the talented authors, and the many artists who’ve contributed content over the years).


Excellent! This is great. Thank you.
I plan to do the adventure modules and PWs