Noob Looking for help

hey everyone im new to nn2 modding and i have the gog copy and would like some help or advice i wanted to just start with the mass prc merger mod cuz i wanted just a bunch of options and this stuff is a little complex for me

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can you be more specific

specifically this mod that helps merge all the others together and I wanted just a super in depth step by step guide. Please explain this like im 12 or something lol, this modding stuff is not my forte.

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So one thing to do is find a small module, open it in the tool set, and just familiarize yourself with the basic functions so you will know the terms used when you see them later.


I can’t honestly recommend such a large merged pack … it looks difficult to install and is so large it’s asking for bugs … perhaps download Kaedrin’s Prestige pack by itself and install that – it has plenty of options.

and forum members can support it better/easier


Just follow the instructions given on the mod’s page.

  1. Download the PrC Merger mod and the 5 required other mods to be merged. Namely Kaedrin’s, Mage Tome, Spell Fixes, Tome of Battle and Wild Mage Class.
  2. Extract those 6 mods to a “clean” Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\Override folder - every mod in its own subfolder.
  3. Rename those 6 Folders to create an alphabetical order like in the given screenshot.
  4. Play the game.

basics (after installing Nwn2)

when the game is run for the first time it creates a folder “Neverwinter Nights 2” in your Documents folder. Within that folder is your /override folder …

that’s where mods go.