Noob questions

Hello. I am trying to make a new mod for nwn. I have the enhanced edition. You can call me Pau. I have some questions for you:
1 can i post in this site my module when It Will be ready?
2 can i ban some classes from my module?
3 can i make a module with custom classes from player consortium? Only some of them
4 do You think i Will run into some troubles of i make a plot that Is a remake of an old game? (Might and magic 7) even if I Do It for free
5 any interesting module or guide for using aurora toolset?
6 Who wants to help me a few?

  1. Yes. At, use the Contribute side bar > Projects.
  2. Yes. See You can use PopUpDeathGUIPanel to terminate the game with a message explaining why.
  3. I don’t know much about PRC. Probably others can help.
  4. You could ask permission, but probably won’t get it. The worst that could happen is that the Vault would probably take your module down in the unlikely event that the makers objected. There are precedents for what you propose.
  5.–-aurora-toolset-manual also Volume 2, and the Lexicon (see 2.)
  6. Feel free to post detailed questions here (preferably one per post, so that the discussion stays focussed on topic).

Here is a pinned thread that lists (with links) various tutorials for NwN -

The Starting Point - module building tutorials for beginners - and where to find them

Then there is the (obsolescent - read the description) downloadable version of the Lexicon which contains some tutorials too.

Finally another pinned thread that you may find of use when building a module is Books & Things which contains links to various pre-made systems. They involve minimal scripting on your part.


Thanks a lot. Can you also explain me a way to edit gods and calendar?

Also, i would like ti add some zodiac based background traits

Can you explain in more detail? I don’t understand those questions.

In single player (only) you can use SetTime to move the calendar date forward, as explained in the Lexicon, but is that what you meant?

I was never able to get PRC to run without crashing the toolset, but your mileage may vary.

However, it is perfectly within the normal scope of things to make Feats/Traits/Skills that can apply to any creatures in your module. The themes etc. are completely up to your imagination. You could have “Scorpio” have a giant bug familiar to summon, for example.

Editing gods? Are you wanting to set up a type of “Piety” system as seen in some persistent worlds like ARELITH for example? These generally requires you to downloads, edit and install “scripts” into your module .

Calandar , is a simular issue.

As would be things like:
-crafting systems
-custom appearance changing shops/items

most of the time you could search the Vault for a pre-made system that suits your needs and edit it to your liking.

Also note a “gods” system would also be referred to as a "Deity " system or a “Piety” system.

See if this meets your needs on the gods system:

this may meet your needs for a Calendar:

This may be of interest to establish persistent time in a Module and manage the calendar:

Thank you. Was all useful

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