North of the Moonsea mod problem

Hi there! Has anybody played the mod “North of the Moonsea”? I reached a point when game crashes. Does anybody have a solution? Some code, perhaps?
It’s in the caves, once you have the amulet and have recovered the hag’s eye. When I pick up the Gateway Stone from the chest, game dies.

I got to the part where you are having the issue. I couldn’t get it to crash on me once I get the stone out of the chest. Unsure why your game was crashing.

But, try this. It should get you to the next event that happens when you get the stone out of the chest:

Open the console.
Type - debugmode 1
Type - rs ga_jump_players(“WP_MAGE_MAZE”, 1, 0)
Type - debugmode 0
Close the console.

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Thank you very much, Travus. I’ll give a try and let you know. If it works, can I put a note with your solution on the mod page in the vault?

It didn’t work, but I think something is wrong with my installation: game begins to load, but it freezes when the bar is about 1/10 charged… Same thing happens when I try to load a game saved in the witches’ cave. Weird…