Note for head and hair modders

Surprisingly, it is very easy to make heads/hairstyles in the Sims 2 create a sim mode. Exporting those make easy, nice, custom heads that convert easily into NWN.

Cheers and have fun!

Good find!
Any advice/guide how to export/convert from sims 2 for newbies in CC who want to try it out?


I wrote a tuto for 3ds max 9, it’s in french but has many screenshots :

You need simPE to convert sims files. Available here :


It looks like it’s for NWN2, is the guide also valid for NWN1?

If its in sims 2 objx format you could import it directly into milkshape 3D and export it as just about whatever you want (except NwN’s mdl format, that plugin seems to have vanished into thin air) and then import it into whichever modelling program you use.


At last the conversion from Sims2 to .obj file is valid.