Notice Text (Sometimes Displays Small)

Has anyone else experienced notice text appearing “smaller” sometimes when displaying?

Basically, from the SetNoticeText function, text passed can sometimes simply look smaller than other times.

And, is there a solution?


i wonder if it switches to a smaller font (from fontfamily.xml) when the text is too large to fit the notice-box using the regular sized font.

if so, fix could be to increase size of the notice box

Thanks for the quick response … :slight_smile:

The weird thing is it will alter between the sizes for the same text. :worried:

Furthermore, in a MP game, I have even seen the size vary from computer to computer (with the same display settings).

weird… idk, if I were going to debug it… i’d backup fontfamily.xml and make surgical changes there in an attempt to see if the noticebox is really using those fonts, and find out which ones it might be switching between,

but the issue might end up hardcoded regardless,

That’s my gut feeling. :frowning:

I may try putting together a side by side screenshot to demonstrate it as well. Just in case it helps.

Thanks anyway. I’ll keep an eye open and report back if I find out anything myself.