NPC hostile when escaping dialogue - is this a thing?

I was pokin’ around the vault and found this resource regarding a few interesting pieces on npcs being hostile towards the PC ( but what i am intersected in is if a PC decided to escape from a dialogue, then the NPC would become hostile.

isnt that a resource we can use as builders? I want to use it for a highwayman in case the PC decided to cancel (Escape) the dialogue in order to get away with having to pay their “Toll Road Fine” ("Nah i simply wont pay! walks away as npc is left dumbfounded)

In the dialog editor you can specify a script that is called when the dialog is aborted. Within that script you can do anything you want (e.g. make the NPC hostile).


Yes, it’s on the last (current file -> aborted) tab of the convo editor.

With smart use of variables you could also use that script to get back immediately to the same conversation but jump to “where the hell you think you’re going / now you’re gonna pay extra” node instead for some bonus immersion (i.e. NPC goes agro only after it made the threat).

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thanks! i musta missed that one. I do like the idea that the npc gets angry if you abort the conversation though. i might just do that!