NPC Preconfigs

Something else I just noticed. Talkedit.jar is reducing the size of my dialog.tlk file. I have used it on a couple of different Dialog.tlk files and each one has shrunk by 5K to 7K. Not sure what it is doing but I am worried about losing information, might be cutting short some of my strings.

it’s probably just replacing strings of spaces with tabs and/or elimating trailing whitespace.

keep an eye on it

I had noticed that certain strings seemed to have terminated abruptly. But I was not sure. Now I am. TLKedit.jar by default runs in NWN1 mode as we discussed. A wrapper program is used to pass parameters to it so it will run in NWN2 mode. NWN2 mode uses twice as much buffer memory as NWN1 mode does. I found a fix for it so it will run in NWN2 mode. Now when I save a Dialog.tlk file, it does not shrink. Had to create a shortcut and alter the command line. Now it runs java directly with parameters and brings up a console. Gonna have to redo my changes.

i’ve been looking at this for a bit… and i’m starting to think that those columns in Spells.2da are accessed by hardcode only. Specifically the gui-functions in the UI. That is, I’m leaning toward the idea that a new col can’t be added for As and expected to work (without a substantial revamp of the ui-files ‘ig_chargen_spells.xml’ and ‘levelup_spellsx2.xml’). Prestige classes seem to figure out what col to allow through the featmap 2da …


That is, it looks like the basic spellcaster types are restricted to: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Wiz_Sorc, and Warlock.

Keep in mind that you can’t make any meaningful changes in chargen xml files, as all gui-functions there run before a character object even exists in the game. All the stock nwscript GUI functions require a valid PC to show GUI to.

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