NPC Spawn/Despawn OnEnter/Exit

Been ages since ive played any pc games or did any modding but im looking to mess around again. I had a script a while back which i believe was available that used variables on an area to spawn in NPCs for that area as opposed to placing them down. from memory it had:


These were the variables on the area. once set it would get the number of NPCs, spawn them in when a player entered the area and despawn them and clean the area on exit. ive looked at some of the spawning systems and quite frankly they are way more than i need/want at this point in time.

What’s your query? You need somebody to write a simple NPC-spwner for you?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a script or system that worked that way as opposed to writing one up. but if its easier to just write it up im not opposed. i lost everything i had in a hard drive crash so kind of at a loss right now.

Sorry, but no, I don’t know any simple scrips for spawning and handling the population of a place, except those I’ve wirtten for myself (not published yet).

I can confirm, that all of the systems I’ve seen in the vault are by far too complicated and rich on details. IMO it’s not neccessary to waste too much effort on this aspect of a module.

So why not give it a try to do it by yourself? It isn’t that hard …

could you be thinking about the sparky spawner ?
it’s now part of the CEP, so pretty much immediately available w/good documentation.