NPC to not turn when clicked on

I have an NPC that I don’t want to turn around when the player comes up from behind and clicks on him. I took away all the scripts from the NPC except the heartbeat script and made him unbumpable, but he still turns around when clicked on. Is there a way of doing this?

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// This prevents an NPC from facing the speaker when spoken to.
// Fire this script from somewhere prior to the NPC being clicked on.  

void main()
	object o = GetObjectByTag("npc_tag");
	SetOrientOnDialog(o, FALSE);

Correct me if I’m wrong @travus , but I think it’s possible to modify your script slightly so that it can be used in the “OnUserDefined” script of a NPC, on the “OnPerceive” section, without having to delete the other scripts.

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Yep. Or maybe from the OnClientEnter, or a trigger or “somewhere” of your choice. As long as it fires prior to the npc being clicked on.

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