NPCs know when you kill other NPCs out if sight

Say you kill an NPC out of sight of others, you exit the building or room, suddenly everyone is hostile.

What gives?
Surely this is an oversight?

I mean, you can’t even kill seagulls for extra xp without citizens getting their pants in a knot!


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Nature conservation in action! But seriously that is a combination of how the rules are implemented and the module builder not paying enough attention to the various factions. I remember having to create new factions in a module because the rats were killing all the seagulls.



I believe that they do that for real as well by eating their eggs if they get a chance. And the rats have all but made the kiwi extinct on New Zealand of this reason. Punishment for losing their wings and building nests on the ground.

For NWN1, it has to do with the Global Effect under Properties in the Faction Editor. Turn it off and you’ll finally get rid of the telepathy all members of the same faction have with one another. They’ll still help one another if you kill one right next to them.

However, NWN2 doesn’t have that toggle (if I recall correctly) and by default non-hostile NPCs just stand around unless scripted to fight back or help their allies.

Nwn1 handles faction much better than Nwn2 (in my opinion). Global faction works fine okay for the most part* but toggling on PersonalReputations not so much. PersonalReps has undesirable quirks like party members not always going hostile when the PC itself does /iirc

* Source vs Target is actually Target vs Source … dont ask but yeh its inverted … yet it tends to work fine because, uh, reasons


I believe Nwn2 added some code to creatures’ default AI-handlers to help sort stuff like like that out – but yeh it gets into silent shouts like NW_I_WAS_ATTACKED that I think Nwn2 implemented differently (if at all)

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