NW1 Premium: Witches Wake

I’ve just finished (I think) playing this one.

Two issues for me. 1 - the difficulty level, to me, seems very steep for a module that requires the use of a new level ONE character. I have played through all of the original game, SoU and HoTU to it’s conclusion, so I’m not a complete novice. However playing this module I must have died about 20 times just getting to the Night Hag, - those Kobolds! Perhaps it may have been my own fault as I chose to explore the caverns rather than head direct to the hag, but I’ve always held the view that in an RPG, when there is an explorable area, it is there to actually be explored… which goes back to my comments at the start of this paragraph. Personally I think that starting at level 3 or so would have been more appropriate.

2 - the ending (at least I think this was the ending?) In the dwarven mines, after talking to the elf, I see a message that my character has been exported and then, nothing. No cut scene explaining what has just happened, hinting at a sequel, not even a ‘to be continued’ message. For me this ending was very unsatisfying, the story just came to an abrupt halt, and there was nothing much to let me know that the module has actually (?) ended, rather than that I might just have an error with my computer which has cut it short.

I understand that there was intended to be a sequel to this, was it ever actually made, as I would like to play it if it exists, I don’t like leaving a story half-finished.

Yes is unfinished currently. There is actually a call to have it finished now that Beamdog is in charge. https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/66912/witch-s-wake

There is also a Trello card for it. https://trello.com/c/KfkDjq7W/3-finish-the-witchs-wake

I too found it rather difficult with a level 1 character but that is always to be expected with new characters under d&d rules.