NWN 1.69's NWToolset "moves" things when I press F5

Hello everyone it’s Dustin.

I have been exploring what one can do with placeables in the NWN 1.69 toolset, and I have discovered something that is an annoyance more than a problem. The description is sort of long, but I’m curious if it might cause problems for a player.

I wish to create a path of “stepping stones” across deep water that cannot be crossed. The idea would be to have the stone at each end be usable and transport the PC to the other end, across the water.

In the tropical tileset, the boulders do not “want” to be shoved underwater, but I can force the issue by using the “adjust location” feature on the context menu for the placeable. I can sink the stones into the sand under the water by decreasing the value of the object’s z-coordinate. See the attached image “SteppingStones_B4-F5” below.

If I press the F5 key, then two of the stones I pushed under water collect off the corner of the map, and another is raised back to the “correct” height. See the image “Stepping Stones_After-F5.”

I can save and wander about in the module, no problem.

My question is, could this could break the map for players?



As long as you correct the positions in the toolset, they will not change in game.

Of course, you still have to test that they’re usable in game.

You’ve discovered a well-known bug in the 1.69 toolset that’s fixed in EE.

You are fine working in 1.69 as long as you remember never to refresh.

Yeah 1.69 toolset did this also when you pressed the button reorient camera iirc.

But it can be easily avoided. The usual reason that builder wants to refresh area is due to shadows and lights not updating properly. And for that you can turn off light and shadows and turn them back (and tbh there is probably no reason to have shadows visible, although I do have them as well). If there are other seasons I am not aware of you can just open another area and reopen this area.

I honestly never used F5 key in toolset.


Thanks @Proleric & @Shadooow

Indeed, it occurred to me to just turn off rendering of shadows while editing in the toolset for exactly that reason!

It’s good to know that one can fine tune things with features like “adjust location” and the result is stable for the player. Perhaps not so convenient for someone (including myself) who later opens it in the toolset.