NWN 1 Toolset Preview Window won't show 2D image

The preview window will only display the 3D view when trying to preview items. Selecting 2D will only display a static image of the 3D model. Any help would be appreciated! I’m using 1.69/Diamond on windows 10.

Unfortunately, this is a toolset bug, even in EE.

The 3D model doesn’t look like the actual item, either - more like the generic model which appears when you drop the item on the ground.

The 2D model button just freezes the 3D model in its current orientation.

So, preview works for creatures, placeables etc, but for items you have to open each template to see what it looks like.

Thanks for the reply.
I’m surprised it hasn’t been fixed. I used to use it all the time and I’m really missing that feature now! I wonder if i could get an older version of the tooset to work…hmmm…

Last I heard, NWN versions prior to 1.69 don’t work on modern operating systems like Windows 10 and 11.

While I was able to run an earlier version of the toolset, it was a bust because it wouldn’t allow me to run a module created with a later version. sigh And the bug was still present in that version anyway.

What kills me is that I can see the 2d image flash for the briefest of instants when I click on an item (in either version), making me think it’s got to be fixable. Until then I’ll have to attach my clockwork orange eyelid restraints if I want to see a 2d preview.

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More wierdness:
With the preview window open and set to 2d, a painted/placed item will display the 2d image when right-clicking on the item!

Interesting… also happens in EE… and when you edit a template with the preview window set to 2d.

You could try reporting it to the developers on Discord (NWN Developer Chat) under bugs.

I’ll take a look there. Thanks again Proleric!