NWN 2 blank module quest log

So when i load a save game started from a module ( not campaign ) i get blank journal.
It doesn’t happen if i play campaign modules.
Any idea what may cause this thanks.

Are you playing a module, or a campaign?

If a script uses a journal name that’s not valid, for example “jounal1” when there is no “journal1”, you will get a blank entry.

When i am playing module the blank journal happends when i load a game, when playing campaign i have no such issues.

If you start a campaign module as a module you gonna get a blank entry. The campaign journal and the module journal are different. The module journal is not visible from a module linked to a campaign


You do not get what i am saying. Some modules are labeled as modules only and some as campaign only. When i start module that is avaiable only from select module i get those blank quest logs, question is how do i solve this.

What is the module you are playing?

Untold Tales Of Tolkien - The Indanthrine Prince and A Hunt Through the Dark Remastered

Then the module has a bug, it is referencing a journal entry that doesn’t exist, causing a blank entry.

I just tried A hunt … the journal is ok. You just have to cross the portal though. Be sure to have put all files on Users…\Documents not on the \Program Files (x86)\Atari\Neverwinter Nights 2 subfolder

I just tested both of those mods. The journal seems to update correctly for me - even after a reload. Just to be clear, is the entire journal blank? Or are there specific quests in the journal that are blank while others are showing?