NWN 2 Conclusion Campaign + Tomb of Horrors Revamp

Updated: 06/19/18

Since 2013 we have been developing a campaign that closes out the OC/MotB/MoWG/SoZ storyline. We have contracted some incredibly talented 3D modelers, artists, programmers and designers to bring our vision to life. We plan on using this thread as our development diary and announcement platform as we push to 1.0. Thank you all so much for the encouragement and support!

Narrative Summary:
The plot is driven by the Arc-Demon Graz’zt’s attempt to usurp Shar’s divinity using an unsealed tear in the Shadow Weave. (A hole created in Black Garius’s attempt to usurp the King of Shadows… and located in Crossroad Keep’s basement). To this end, the demon sent a powerful band of villains to seize control of Neverwinter and sow chaos along the Sword Coast. The Knight Captain, freshly returned from his trials in Westgate and the Unapproachable East is all that stands between the fiend and ultimate power.

Working Title:
Nightsinger’s Bane

  • A reference to The Kaiser and Graz’zt effectively killing Shar if their coup succeeds.

Planned features thus far:

  • Re-spawning farming grounds for level 1-7.
  • Arenas where players can spawn and battle difficult monsters and NPCs.
  • An epic-level “bottomless dungeon” - Shandra Jerro’s Tomb.
  • Integration of the Charlie’s Appearance Customization System to personalize equipment.
  • Randomized “fetch” style quests from Volo, Daeghun or Axle (Based on alignment).
  • Main-quest line play Balanced for a six man party, levels 20-30.
  • Merchants, starting zones and player housing is main plot-independent.
  • A functioning Thieves Guild with a Brothel, Bar, Dice and Card Games.
  • Over 500 new magical items, potions, backpacks and other interesting tools - the latter of which are usable at various places in the game world. Ropes can be purchased to climb sheer surfaces for example.
  • Silverwand Scripted Weapons: Staves of Power, the Magi, Malak. Silver Sword, Dream Dagger and a Rod of Lordly Might.
  • A writing crafting station, giving players the ability to draft letters to place in housing mail boxes.
  • 50 types of food, some of which which provides minor physical enhancements when consumed.

  • A survival element added to the game - Iron Rations or a Food Item must be consumed in the inventory to rest. Additionally a water gauge will track hydration - the players will be required to stock Waterflasks, drink at Inns/Taverns or discover natural water sources, (if they have high survival), to quench their thirst.

  • kevL’s Hydration System Specifics: All players and NPC’s will occasionally need to drink to maintain their Hydration Bar. The Hydration Bar decreases 2% every in game hour, (10 minutes). At 75% the player begins accruing small penalties to their stats, and as the bar decreases, the severity of the debuffs increase exponentially. When the gauge reaches 0%, the character dies of dehydration, (a process taking a bit over two in game days with nothing to drink). Drinking Water, Wine, Ale or Spirits will increase the Hydration bar. Drink Values: Water 5%, Wine 3%, Ale 5% or Spirits 1%.

  • All Companions begin a level 1 and auto-level to 20 - offering full customization beyond base class.

  • One upgradeable equipment set per companion. There will be three tiers of upgrades. Each tier requires special ores which drop from the monsters in the infinite dungeon below Shandra’s Tomb. 10 ores will allow the player to upgrade one suit of equipment: (25% Complete)
    Tier 1: Asterite Ore - Found on level 10 Monsters.
    Tier 2: Netherium Ore - Found on level 20 Monsters.
    Tier 3: Arcanium Ore - Found on level 30 Monsters.

  • The return of previous companions: (100% Complete)

    • Kelgar Ironfist - NWN2: OC
    • Neeshka - NWN2: OC
    • Ammon Jerro - NWN2: OC
    • Safiya - NWN2: MotB
    • Gann of Dreams - NWN2: MotB
    • Kaelyn the Dove - NWN2: MotB
    • One of Many - NWN2: MotB
    • Rinara - NWN2: MoW
    • Charissa - NWN2: MoW
    • Mantides - NWN2: MoW
    • Ribsmasher - NWN2: SoZ
    • Finch - NWN2: SoZ
    • Umoja - NWN2: SoZ

  • The Return of Popular NPC’s from NWN, NWN2, PT, BG, SoA and ToB: (60% Complete)

    • Duncan
    • Bevil
    • Orlen
    • Chir
    • Sand
    • Lastri
    • Quarrel
    • Zhjaeve
    • Cormick
    • Kana
    • Daeghun Farlong
    • Caelryna
    • Jan Jansen
    • Wolf & Minions
    • And Many More
  • Five NEW Companions: (95% Complete)

    • Kistrel - Sorceress
    • Bodvarr Falgeirrson - Barbarian
    • Terukawa Urakami - Fighter
    • Eirinn Mac Cathmhaoil - Fey
    • Ithefelle - Necromancer
  • Four NEW Familiar Types: (100% Complete)

    • Pseudodragon
    • Sylph
    • Skeletal Minion
    • Intelligent Sword

  • Six tiers of multi-player housing: (90% Complete)

    • A Room in Crossroad Keep.
    • A Suite in Crossroad Keep.
    • A Peasant House Outside the Castle Walls.
    • A Merchant House Inside the Castle Walls.
    • A Mansion Inside the Castle Walls.
    • The Deed to Crossroad Keep Itself.
  • 18 New Stores and Merchants: (85% Complete)

    • Sand’s Magic Mercantile
    • Caelryna’s Trade Goods
    • The Beginner’s Merchant Caravan.
    • Mur’eil & Mar’tauren Hadwell’s Jewelry
    • Stablemaster McGuiness’s Leathercrafts
    • Uncus’s Shadow Market
    • Raelis Shai’s Crossroad Theater
    • Lady Sa’Sani’s Merchant Company Headquarters
    • The Church of Tyr
    • The Barracks
    • The Pheonix Tail Inn and Tavern
    • Roger the Fence
    • Edario’s Smithy
    • Deekin’s Curios
    • Jacoby’s Forge
    • Drow Black market
    • Cromwell’s Pavilion
    • Ribald Barterman’s Traveling Emporium
  • Tarim’s Katar’s are for sale - exotic weapons for exotic characters. (Uses Kama proficiency). Eleven different types of Katars are abaliable from the Caelryna’s Trade Goods: Normal, Magical +1-5, Adamantine, Alchemical Silver, Cold Iron, Darksteel and Mithril. (100% Complete)

  • 15 Unique Quests broken into 3 Chapters: (10% Complete)

    • Whispers of Turmoil.
    • The Rescue of Casavir.
    • Unraveling The Mystery of Kistrel.
    • Restoring the Construct. (Optional)
    • The Way of Zerth.
    • Delving the Tomb of Horrors. (Optional)
    • Tholapsyx’s Curse.
    • Orbakh’s Revenge.
    • The Puppet Master Unveiled.
    • The Call to Arms.
    • The Battle of Crossroad Keep.
    • A Red Wizard’s Love.
    • The Dreamer’s Reverie.
    • Farewell to Old Friends.
    • One well hidden Easter-egg style quest. (Optional)

  • Featured Areas: (75% Complete)
    • Cromwell’s target/weapon/spell testing range.
    • The Crossroad Keep Vault.
    • The Crossroad Keep Barracks.
    • Safiya’s Laboratory.
    • Shandra Jerro’s Tomb.
    • Ammon Jerro’s Lair.
    • The Crossroad Keep Caverns.
    • The Crossroad Keep Theater.
    • The Pheonix Tail Inn & tavern.
    • The Shadow Thieves Gambling Hall & Brothel.
    • The Rashemi Consulate.
    • The Neverwinter Consulate.
    • The Church of Tyr’s Catacombs.
    • Startear’s Tower.
    • The Training Grounds.
    • The Planar Arenas.


Tomb of Horrors - Hard Edition (85% Complete)

We have been working for the past 5 months to revamp Morbane’s Tomb of Horrors, drastically upgrading the visuals/effects, and increasing the difficulty many fold - to the point of it being nearly certain death to any player group of any level and configuration. Even a fully upgraded MotB Evil-campaign Soul Eater will have great difficulty with this module. The intent is to make this module the gold-standard for brain-bending deathtraps, punctuated by demonic-spider type enemies - worthy of any Nintendo-Hard optional content.

The focus here is not only learning the tool-set but experimenting with dialog options, working out the logic which will be used for the scripting of the entire project, and setting the foundation so that our dialog options/behavior are consistent throughout the campaign. We also plan to release it when completed as a stand-alone campaign - for those multiplayer fiends who want to murder their friends on game night.

Crossroad Keep - Conclusion (Working Title, 23% Complete)

Override Folder: (Contains all campaign item assets)

Optional Files:

Crossroad Keep - Conclusion Campaign Overview (Plotting 40% Complete, Narrative 20% Complete)

The plan here is three-fold - create a MMORPG style NPC community, with a functional housing zone and market, which is accessible at any level as stand alone content. Running concurrently, at a pace dictated by the player, will be a side-campaign that ties off the dangling plot threads of the Knight Captain/Spirit Eater’s story. One last hurrah so to speak. Old friends are set to return, past actions may come back to haunt the KC, and new friends will turn up in unexpected places.

A dialog is planned when loading into the module’s Lobby, that will adjust plot details and NPC interactions based on a series of questions the player will answer. The complexity of this will be dictated by our resources. We’d like the option to cater to Evil, Neutral and Good, wile still keeping with the canonical endings of The OC.

Map Key:

  • Map Note - GOLD: 255, 255, 255
  • Guest Book - ORANGE: 250, 133, 0
  • Merchant - BLUE: 0, 174, 239
  • Player House - GREEN: 6, 161, 55
  • Wolf’s Minion - PINK: 255, 0, 255
  • Area Exit - RED: 121, 0, 0
  • Quest Giver - PURPLE: 68, 14, 98

OC Assumptions:

This is the assumed path taken by the KC up to this point - this is written in stone, and based on the assumptions made by Obsidian when developing MotB and our own opinions on how the story ended.

  • Amie Fern is dead, killed by the Githyanki.
  • Shandra Jerro died in Ammon’s Haven.
  • West Harbor’s known survivors are Tarmas, Bevil, Orlen, the KC and Daeghun.
  • The KC was given command of Crossroad Keep.
  • The Construct Was repaired.
  • The KC sided with the Shadow Thieves, Axle survived.
  • Neeshka resisted her geas.
  • Qara allied with the KoS and was killed.
  • The Construct chose Grobnar over Bishop.
  • The KC destroyed the KoS.
  • The Illfarn ruins collapsed on the party.
  • The Construct was smashed - but not irreparably so in the cave-in.
  • Elanee and Grobnar died in the collapse.
  • Sand Transformed into an Iron Golem and survived.
  • Neeshka dodged her way clear of the collapse.
  • Khelgar tanked his way clear of the cave-in.
  • The KC was taken by Gargoyles.
  • Ammon Jerro pursued the Kidnappers and was captured.
  • Zhjaeve plane-shifted to safety.
  • Casavir survived with a shattered spine and was captured by Luskan.
  • They KC either moved-on to Gann/Safiya, or gave up on personal attachments if they romanced Casavir/Elanee.

(Optional) MotB Assumptions:

This may or may not be assumed, depending on development resources and time - ideally, the MotB assumptions will be variable, and player selectable. At a Minimum, the player will be able to choose between Gann, Safiya or neither for relationships, and whether they created One of Many.

  • Bishop was consumed by the wall of the faithless.
  • The Ideal ending was achieved - the Spirit Eater Curse was forever ended.
  • The Slumbering Coven was destroyed.
  • Ammon Jerro was rescued from the Academy.
  • The Founder survived.
  • Myrkul was not consumed or he was released.
  • The PC still has the Sword of Gith.

(Optional) MoWG Assumptions:

Currently, having the player “become” a vampire is simply not feasible unless we can scrounge up more assistance. It’s more scripting than I am capable of or Injate is willing to write. Complicating matters is the difficulty of getting at MoWG resources, not certain how they protected them, but I have a hard time getting even the sound sets working, let alone the scripts to run a PC vampire.

  • Mantides was fully redeemed, and vowed to protect the KC in his further adventures.
  • Rinara returned to help the KC in the end.
  • Charissa followed the KC back to crossroad keep, treating him as something of a “reclamation project.”
  • Orbakh’s offer of vampirism was refused.
  • Orbakh’s human cattle facility was destroyed… and he’s definitely one to hold a grudge.
  • The Domino Mask Curse was lifted.
  • The Ebon-Claw guild was destroyed.
  • Zymena was unmasked and banished back to the lower planes.
  • The KC quickly left Westgate to avoid the retribution of Orbakh and his remaining Nightmasks.

(Optional) SoZ Assumptions:

As with MotB, we would LIKE to vary the plot/story based on player input, to better keep in line with their experience, but we also recognize that we are not Bioware, and Mass Effect levels of continuity may not be possible with our resources. At a minimum we’d like to tailor Sa’Sani’s demeanor to account for the player’s version of SoZ events.

  • Khelgar was appointed to the Neverwinter Nine.
  • Sa’Sani still has Volo enthralled, and he’s continuing keep her company.
  • Sa’Sani’s Merchant guild is powerful and well respected thanks to the actions of the PC in SoZ.
  • Sa’Sani’s more brutal tendencies were curtailed by the PC of SoZ, and she is slowly “becoming the mask.”
  • Zehir’s avatar was destroyed, and the plot to take over the sword coast was thwarted.
  • Chir was rescued from the Mind Flayers.
  • Umoja is on a vision quest for his god, and has traveled to the Sword Coast for a time.
  • Finch is currently… “enjoying the safety of Crossroad keep” after swooning a vindictive Hostower Sorceress.

The Protagonist - Knight In Sour Armor?

Presented below is the world as our protagonist, The Knight Captain, has experienced it thus far. The information following helps the reader see things from the perspective of a character who has, by the beginning of our story, become more than a bit jaded . (With very good reason).

One thing to consider about the KC’s sarcastic tone is everything the poor sod has been through. At this point, the Kalakcha has to be getting more than a bit cynical, or he/she would go insane/collapse emotionally. When you consider the KC’s lot in life, being a smart-arse becomes a survival mechanism. Their entire existence has been a case-study in “from-bad-to-worse.”

He/She began their adventure as an orphan exiled from their hometown by their own foster-parent, (after potentially watching their childhood crush die), was shortly thereafter framed for murdering an entire village, used as a pawn by both Neverwinter and Black Garius, watched Shandra Jerro die at the hands of her own grandfather/great-grandfather - in the act of saving them, fought a war against a horrifying eldritch abomination, was betrayed by at least two long-time companions, had the ceiling dumped on their head as a reward, and finally watched many of their companions die protecting them, (Including possibly their first real lover).

And that’s just Book 1.

By the Knight Captain’s second tale, he/she found themselves kidnapped by polymorphed gargoyles, endured ad-hock open-heart surgery at the tender hands of Nefris, was made the unwilling host of a horrifying, life destroying entity, regarded at best as a serious threat to the Unapproachable East, simultaneously manipulated by a cabal of Red Wizards, a dead deity’s minion, a fanatic Half-Celestial (with an impossible agenda), a Titan Demi-lich, a Wyrm Blue Dragon, a Fallen Solar, a coven of man-eating Hags and no less than two gods. Also, we’ll note that the poor Spirit Eater - an endearing title if there ever was one - had to commit quite a laundry-list of highly amoral acts in the process of saving his friends, surviving the long chain of entities who’d just as soon see them dead, and twisting the machinations of those using him/her to save their very soul from oblivion.

By Book three, the KC is de-powered substantially after the separation from Akachi, being slowly driven insane due to a cursed domino mask, separated from their entire circle of friends (and possibly their new/first lover), and again finds themselves a chess piece in a deadly game between a cabal of were-rats, a vampireized Manshoon clone and a horrifying Demon looking to kill all of the above, protagonist included. For allies, the KC has fire-forged friends and lovers replaced by an amoral former assassin (who near everybody in Westgate wants dead), a severely disagreeable Tyrian cleric and a washed-up fallen Paladin - with a serious drinking-problem. Things look bleak. With this band of misfit toys, the Kalakcha has to play the competing agendas against each other, outwit a creature who annihilated Elminster - twice - and somehow un-curse themselves before they go stark raving mad.

Now we get to Book 4 (Our Story), where the poor KC, having been through all of that, begins the tale nearly dying to Nightmask retaliation, returns to a less than pleasant homecoming in Neverwinter, becomes a pariah due to the machinations of a Cambion - who’s all but taken the place over - (and is considered a hero of Knight Captain proportions by the general population no less), gets sent on a series of deliberate suicide missions, has their reputation tarnished in a chain of out-of-context distortions and winds considered by the population of the Sword Coast to be a Black Network level threat. Amidst all of that, they have to deal with a foe who is their true equal in not merely physical terms, but at the game of Xanatos Speed-Chess. In The Kaiser, The Knight Captain is opposing someone capable of matching his/her ability to play sides against each other, making this quite possibly their deadliest foe. Our hero has stood down stronger entities - even gods - but this creature can match the KC in manipulation - which as we’ve seen in the entire story, has been the TRUE power of our hero.

When one considers the biography above, (which is in reality a testament to human suffering), a narrative that our protagonist only survived by outwitting everybody and everything they’ve encountered, The Knight Captain might be forgiven for having a few jerkish tendencies - developed purely as a coping mechanism.

The Kalakcha’s entire story reminds us of “The Odyssey.” He/she simply can’t catch a break, and when they do, often times they screw it up through their own missteps. While the protagonist is truly a legend, they have real flaws, and even on a good play-through must delve well into black and grey morality to survive. Like any real person, they’re exasperated by a lifetime of torment and mental abuse. They’ve been the playthings of fate, have been subjected to every imaginable injury and suffering, watched their friends and/or lover(s) die and their typical reward is mere survival. Even a lawful-good paladin is going to show some rough edges after that level of emotional trauma.

The Team:

  • Writing: Sabranic

  • Art: Chad Springer

  • Editing: The NWN 2 Community

  • Play Testing: Xaylla, Injate, Littlepirate, Aramina, Arenaceusmaga, Swaygr, Injate, Akamas

  • Level Design: Sabranic, Swaygr, SGK73, Super Midget, Ugly_Duck, Alaster Wolf, seraphimsage, Morbane, Chaos_Theocrat, botumys, Gremlin, Issacjr, Glimmlampe, Ladyelvenstar, SDJ, Ho5a, and Ithalyan.

  • 3D Modeling: Schazzwozzer, MisterBritish, FokSiGen, Xaltar, rjshae, ArtEChoke, Arpharazon, and Anon-Team-Member. (He or She has requested to remain anon. But they are good - VERY GOOD).

  • Programming: Injate, the above Anon-Team-Member and a very honorable Mention to kevL, who has made it very clear that he is not a part of the team per say - he’s a knowledgeable helper who has gone above and beyond what you could call help, creating the thirst system and some extra-nasty goodies in the ToH. He also did a great deal of work in the Morbane Branch of the ToH - so he has no small amount of interest in our adaptation of it.

  • Item design: Sabranic, Kaldor Silverwand, Clangeddin86

  • Game System Design: kevL, Kaldor Silverwand, brockfanning, ChimneyFish, WarmachineX

  • Installer Set-up/Programming: Injate

  • Music: Manabu Namiki, Azusa Chiba, Norihiko Hibino, Kimihiro Abe, Yoshitaka Suzuki, ukihiro Jindo, Thomas J. Bergersen, Nick Phoenix, Matt Uelmen, Jeremy Soule, Russell Cox, Rebecca Evans.

  • Technical Support: Clangeddin86, Tchos, Kaldor Silverwand, ColorsFade, Knightmare, kevL, PJ156, kamal_, Lance Botelle

Special Thanks:
(Without the help of these people we’d have a pretty looking map that does nothing interesting).

  • Kaldor Silverwand
  • ColorsFade
  • Knightmare
  • kevL
  • PJ156
  • kamal_
  • Lance Botelle

Note: Please feel free to use anything we have created in any way you’d like. This is a labor of love, and if any module, script, conversation, icon item, NPC or anything we’ve build is helpful to your own projects, it’s yours. (And if you want fork our work and do better than us… GREAT! We’re trying to make the game we want to play here - if you can do it better, we’re all ears).


Development Diary 8/16/16:

  • We’re back in business!
  • The first Treatment of “The Vigilant II” is completed, will share more information as we have it.
  • Kaldor Silverwand has built an AMAZING Hammer of Thunderbolt’s for the Campaign:


The Hammer of Thunderbolts Components:

  • True-Name Scroll:

This scroll carries the name of the Hammer of Thunderbolts. Until this item is found and then used on the hammer, the bludgeon will not gain extra powers when worn with the belt + gloves.

The Hammer of Thunderbolts +3:

  • Unique Ability: Throw-able - like a throwing axe.
  • Returns to user’s hand after throwing.
  • +3 Enhancement
  • +4d6 Bludgeoning Damage
  • Adamantine

The Gauntlet’s of Ogre Power:

  • +6 to Strength when worn
  • +6 Regeneration
  • Immunity to Poison
  • Immunity to Disease

The Belt of Giant Strength:

  • +7 to Strength when worn
  • 10 Slashing Damage Reduction
  • 10 Bludgeoning Damage Reduction
  • 10 Piercing Damage Reduction

The items interact with each other when worn together:

The Hammer of Thunderbolts + Gloves + Belt:

  • Enhancement bonus becomes +5.
  • Kills any giant it hits DC 30.
  • Throw attack now gives off a thunderclap, stunning everything in it’s area of effect, DC 20.

The Gauntlet’s of Ogre Power + Hammer + Belt:

  • Wielder becomes immune to level and ability drain.
  • Wielders gains the ability to cast “Call Lightning Storm,” “Chain Lightning” and “Lightning Bolt” once per day each.

The Belt of Giant Strength + Hammer + Gloves:

  • Strength bonus rises to +12
  • +5 to all fortitude saves.

Additionally, while there are a specific pair of gloves and belt attuned to the hammer, Kaldor has ensured that the standard Gauntlets of Ogre Power and Belts of Giant Strength work properly with hammer and scroll!

Check out the video for his creation in action - what a great addition to the campaign!!!

Development Diary 7/18/16:

  • Our programmer/3D Modeler is hard at work refining the ToH traps and log-book.
  • I have started writing the dialog for the Black Dog Pirate encounters in Highcliff and The Whalebones.
  • I’ll show off the new Fresco Hall walls as soon as we get a breather to grab some screenshots.

Development Diary 7/22/16:

  • Another 4 pages added to the Campaign Bible.
  • Spent the day collaborating with Injate and kevL “setting the table” for the campaign’s variable data. We managed to create a functional “map” that will allow the player to customize the campaign based on many of the more “critical” decisions made in the IC, MotB, SoZ and MoWG.


  • Area Title: Lobby
  • Required Characters: None
  • Points of interest: Dungeon Master, Basic supply merchant

When the player joins the module, they are required to speak with the Dungeon Master before being allowed to enter the Campaign. The impish fellow will provide a brief overview of the game mechanics, the background story and then ask a series of questions, which will determine many aspects of the campaign. (How do we resolve this for multiplayer?):

1: Did the Knight Captain Steal “Arvoreen’s Amulet of Aid” from Daeghun?
(If no, places the Avoreen’s Amulet of Virtue in the chest in Daeghun’s Home).

2: Did Khelgar Ironfist become a monk?
(Swaps Fighter Khelgar for Monk Khelgar if yes).

3: Did the KC befriend Kistrel?
(Spider Kistrel removed beneath Crossroad Keep in the Escape Tunnels if no).
(Kistrel NPC and all associated quests disabled if no).
(Disables teleport to Silverymoon option in act 4 if no).

4a: Did the KC romance Casavir? - Only Appears if KC is Female
(Adds a sad moment when they player interacts with Casavir’s grave).
(Adds a wistful dialog scene if the KC rescues Casavir from Luskan if yes).

4b: Did the KC romance Elanee? - Only Appears if KC is Male
(Adds a sad moment when they player interacts with Elanee’s grave).

5: Did Neeshka resist Black Garius?
(Removes Neeshka from the roster if yes).
(Removes Neeshka from the Pheonix Tail Inn in the CK if yes).
(Removes Neeshka from the bar in Daggerford).
(Removes Khelgar-Neeshka enchange after resquing Kistrel).
(Removes Neeshka as a mandatory party-member in the Granit Hold quests).
(Adds Neeshka’s Grave to the Crossroad Keep Cemetery if yes).
(Disables teleport to Athkalta option in act 4 if no).
(Removes Neeshka’s dialog in the optional cut-scene if the KC resurrects the dead OC companions as thralls).

6: Did the KC create One of Many?
(Removes Kaelyn the Dove from the roster if yes).
(Removes Gan reference to Old father Bear in a bark if yes).
(Adds One of Many to the Roster if yes).
(One of Many accompanies the Bevil and Daeghun in the opening battle if yes).
(Removes Kaelyn from the bar in Daggerford).
(Adds One of Many to the Bar in Daggerford).
(Kaelyn does not join the party during Ivarr the Blessed’s Quest).
(Removes Kaelyn from the Temple of Illmater in the CK if yes).
(Adds One of Many to the graveyard outside the CK if yes).
(Disables teleport to Myrkul’s Soul Furnace in act 4 if no).
(Disables teleport to the Fugue Plane in act 4 if yes).
(Dialog bark from Gann in the final battle about Okku just being a dream if yes).

7: Did the KC and Grobnar steal the Glowstone from the Goblin Mines?
(Disables teleport to the Caves below ember in act 4 if yes).

8: Did the KC destroy Slaan and the Lizardfolk near Highcliff?
(Disables teleport to the Lizard Folk Caves in act 4 if yes).

9: Did the KC ally with the Orc Tribe against the bugbears and Ogre Magi in the Illefarn ruins?
(Enables the teleport option to ally with the Orc Tribe if yes).
(Enables the teleport option to ally with the Ogre Magi and Bugbear minions if no).

10: Did the KC destroy the Fire Giant Village?
(Disables teleport to the Fire Giant Encampment in act 4 if yes).

11: Did the KC allow Uncus and the Shadow Thieves to establish themselves in Crossroad Keep?
(Removes the option of opening the Thieves Guild if no).
(Removes the option of recruiting the Shadow Thieves if no).
(Removes the Shadow Thieves Banners from the front of the Thieves Guild if no).
(Locks the door to the Shadow Thieves Guild if no).

12: Did the KC save Cormick’s life?
(Removes Cormick Great Hall from the Keep if yes).
(Removes Cormick from the final battle if yes).

13: Did the KC have Torio Clavin Executed?
(Removes Torio from the Keep if yes).
(Removes Torio from the final battle if yes).
(Adds the quest to save Casavir from Luskan – Part 1 requirement).

14: Did the Heroes in SoZ resurrect Kravler?
(Removes Kravler from the Keep if yes).
(Removes Kravler from the final battle if yes).
(Adds the quest to save Casavir from Luskan – Part 2 Requirement).

15: Did the KC consume or release Myrkul’s Soul in MotB?
(In the finale, Graz’zt will refer to the KC as “God-Killer - a kindred spirit you and I!” if yes).

16: Game checks for Safiya’s or Gann’s love feat.
(Enables Safiya or Gann’s affectionate dialog when present).
(Enables Safiya or Gann proposal scene).
(Enables Safiya or Gann’s accompaniment in the final battle/stage)
(Enables optional Safiya or Gan marriage finale).

17: Game checks for Safiya’s or Gann’s Love Feat + One of Many Creation
(Adds tragic Gan or Safiya stinger to ending sequence if yes).
(Adds a final battle against One of Many after the end of the game if yes).

18: Game checks for "Guilty of Ember Massacre Feat."
(Nevalle and Nasher will treat the player far worse in dialog options).
(Nasher will bring up the slaughter when the KC is initially exposed in Chapter 2).

Upon completion of the survey to set plot elements, the players will be able to enter the portal into the game world.

Coders Note: All quests which force members into the group will need to set a flag preventing the party from accepting new quests until the current quest-line is completed, to prevent possible game breaking bugs if party members are force-rearranged for a new quest while In the middle of an old one. Perhaps a general “on quest” flag that is checked during all quest conversations?

Development Diary 10/32/16:

  • The Campaign Bible. has swelled to almost 140 pages. Its doubled in size since we last posted, and we are closing on the final chapters of the narrative. It has been a long process fleshing out the story, and we appreciate the patience while we work on polishing everything. While there is still a long way to go in the writing department, we are far enough along now that we can once again focus more on game rather than story development.

  • We have designed the Night Masks’s mooks - Vampiric Death Bringers, Heart Piercers, Clerics of Mask, and Shadow Master Tam - Orbakh’s direct underling, and member of The Kaiser’s perverted Neverwinter Nine.

  • Shadow Master Tam Bakk - Vampire/Assassin/Rogue,
    • The Faceless’s Death Sereph

Development Diary 11/01/16:

We are working on an official title for our NWN2 campaign, and we’d like your feedback on a few of the options.

The plot is driven by the Arc-Demon Graz’zt’s attempt to usurp Shar’s divinity using an unsealed tear in the Shadow Weave. (A hole created in Black Garius’s attempt to usurp the King of Shadows, and located in Crossroad Keep’s basement). To this end, the demon sent a powerful band of villains to seize control of Neverwinter and sow chaos along the Sword Coast. The Knight Captain, freshly returned from his trials in Westgate and the Unapproachable East is all that stands between the fiend and ultimate power.

Presented below are some possible titles please let us know which one sounds best to you:

Nightsinger’s Bane

  • A reference to The Kaiser and Graz’zt effectively killing Shar if their coup succeeds.

Thief of Shadows

  • The adventure deals heavily with the struggle between the Shadow Thieves of Amn and the Nightmasks, and the titles widens into a double reference when you consider Graz’zt and The Kaiser intend to steal Shar’s divinity.


  • A Straight up Reference to Graz’zt’s plan to absorb Shar’s power through the rift in the Shadow Weave left by Black Garius.

The Dark’s Corsairs

  • The Demon Prince Graz’zt intends to sieze Shar’s portfolio, and the title also serves as a triple reference to The Kaiser’s Band usurping the throne in Neverwinter and the Black Dog’s Piracy. The antagonists are a triumvirate quite literally “stealing the darkness.”

The Void’s Advocate

  • Although he/she is ignorant of the fact, the Knight Captain is actually Shar’s unwitting champion in this entire adventure. Only at the story’s close, when the narrator is revealed to be the Nightsinger herself, will the players realize they have been her strongest champion - and the title will suddenly make sense.

Development Diary 11/02/16:

  • Updated the landing page, and removed deprecated Bioware links.
  • We have designed the Shadow Thieves for the campaign, who will, if the player chooses to ally with, help the party battle the Night Masks for control of Neverwinter’s underworld.

From Left to Right: Shadow Thief Clerics of Shar, Shadow Thief Hawkeyes, Shadow Thief Nimbleblades

From Left to Right: Shadow Thief Silhouette, Belueth the Calm, Grandmaster of Shadows Aran Linvail, Cloakmaster Axle, Shadow Thief Silhouette

Development Diary 11/06/16:

  • Our 3D modeler has some great shots of the ToH’s new walls and the floor.

The texture on the floor really makes it look like ornate ceramic tiles - VERY well done.

Development Diary 11/07/16:

  • We’ve completed the Neverwinter City Watch Henchmen if the player sides with them instead of the Shadow Thieves when they infiltrate Neverwinter.

From Left to Right: City Watch Clerics, City Watchman Archers, City Watchman Warriors

From Left to Right: Sergeant Brockenburn, Colonel Brelaina, Marshal Cormick

Development Diary 11/09/16:

  • We’ve completed Isho Oroshi’s Wa Mercenary Company:

From Left to Right: Wa Ninja’s, Wa Bushi’s, Wa Ronin

From Left to Right: Wa Monks, Isho Oroshi, Wa Wu Jen

Development Diary 11/12/16:

  • We’ve finished up Edwin Odesseiron’s Thayan Force.

From Left to Right: Red Wizard Invoker, Red Wizard Conjurer, Red Wizard Enchanter, Red Wizard Transmuter, Red Wizard Abjurer, Red Wizard Necromancer

From Left to Right: Thayan Terracotta Archer, Edwin Odesseiron, Thayan Terracotta Warrior.


Development Diary 11/13/16:

  • We’ve finished with Sendai’s Drow Army:

From Left to Right: Drow Cleric of Lloth, Drow Ranger, Drow Rogue, Drow Sorcerer, Drow Warlock, Drow Warrior

From Left to Right: Demonweb-pit Spider, Giant Spider, Phase Spider, Red Widow, Skull Spider, Sword Spider

From Left to Right: Matron Sendai Ri’Fialle

Development Diary 11/15/16:

  • We’ve finished up the Crossroad Keep Greycloak Garrison:

From Left to Right: Corporal Dobbson, Lieutenant Light of Heavens, Colonel Kana, Major Tann, Captain Bevil Starling, Sargent Katriona

From Left to Right: Greycloak Swordsman, Greycloak Archer, Greycloak Lieutenant, Greycloak Sargent, Greycloak Skirmisher, Greycloak Pikeman

From Left to Right: Sargent Jalboun of the Two Blades, Daeghun, Ambassador Casavir, Sand, Deekin

Development Diary 11/17/16:

  • We’ve updated the credits on the landing page to reflect new models added to the campaign.
  • We’re putting some extra effort into the army of Silverymoon. You can see our progress on the Knights in Silver below.

Development Diary 11/20/16:

  • We’ve finished up the forces of Silverymoon:

From Left to Right: Silverymoon Clerics of Mielikki, Knights in Silver, Members of the Spellguard.

From Left to Right: Sir Terrien Doucard, High Mage Jorus Azuremantle, Lady Alustrial Silverhand, Silverymoon Rangers.

Development Diary 11/22/16:

  • We’re in the process of taking rjshae’s advice and playing around with some of the custom content available on the NW Vault.
  • We’ve added some new types of enemies to every faction and revisited every group with an eye of making them more unique.
  • Once we finish up, we will replace each faction’s photos and provide links.

Here is a tase of some of the changes and additions, the Drow Blade Dancer of Sendai’s faction.

Development Diary 11/25/16:

  • We’ve spent the last five days creating the various faction armies and NPCs. Essentially we are building everything that can engage in combat. We’ve downloaded a enormous amount of content from the NW Vault, and used it to help customize each faction.
  • We made some design updates to the various Campaign Companions using the new models and weapons we’ve acquired. Nothing too drastic, but some worthwhile improvements nonetheless.

Once we finish the faction update, we ill post images and update the older faction photos.

Development Diary 11/29/16:

  • Only the Barbarian Tribes remain. Every other faction has been finished or greatly expanded using dozens of NW Vault customizations.
  • We’ve updated the landing page credits to reflect the additions.
  • Below is the Black Dog Pirate Faction army and updated Black Dog Pirate leaders.

From Left to Right: Black Dog Buccaneers, Black Dog Corsairs, Black Dog Duelists.

From Left to Right: Black Dog Grog-Slingers, Black Dog Ravagers, Black Dog Plunderers.

From Left to Right: Tokka Bauche, Vespa Razorgrin, Captain B. Blessed, Navareen Nevermourn, Craigmiester.

Development Diary 11/30/16:

  • We’ve updated the Campaign bible - it’s now coming in at 168 pages and 50,000+ words.
  • We’ve added new City Watch guards and updated their equipment - they now use a consistent weapon style, and are most distinct in their combat roles.

From Left to Right: City Watch Clerics of Tyr, City Watchmen Archers, City Watchmen Landsknecht

From Left to Right: City Watchmen Skirmishers, City Watchmen Warriors, Many Starred Coaks

From Left to Right: Sergeant Brockenburn, Colonel Brelaina, Marshal Cormick

Development Diary 12/01/16:

  • We’ve revamped all the Drow Faction, making them more visually distinct and more diverse in combat.

From Left to Right: Drow Blackguard of Lloth, Drow Blade Dancer, Drow Priestess of Lloth, Drow Ranger, Drow Rogue, Drow Sorceress

From Left to Right: Drow Warlock, Sendai Ri’Fialle, Drow Warrior

From Left to Right: Demonweb Pit Spider, Sword Spider, Giant Spider, Red Widow, Bone Spider, Phase Spider