NWN 2 Conclusion Campaign + Tomb of Horrors Revamp

Development Diary 12/02/16:

  • We’ve Finished the Githyanki Faction, and have them ready for battle! Surely you didn’t think “all was forgiven” did you? :wink:

From Left to Right: Githyanki Launchers, Githyanki Strikers, Githyanki War-Minds.

From Left to Right: Githyanki Warriors, Githyanki Sword-Stalker, Githyanki Knight, Githyanki Illithid-Slayer

From Left to Right: Red Dragon Thrall, Lich Queen Vlaakith CLVII, Red Dragon Thrall

Development Diary 12/03/16:

  • We’ve Finished the Graz’zt’s Legion Faction, and improved upon the antagonist’s design.

From Left to Right: Infernal Vrock, Infernal Hellhound, Infernal Succubus, Infernal Balor

From Left to Right: infernal Hezrou, Golgamauth Shredder of Souls

From Left to Right: Plague Beak the Defiler, Houndmaster Hak’leth’arn

From Left to Right: Thraxxia, The Kaiser (With Helmet), The Kaiser (Without Helmet).

A Close-up of The Kaiser, the primary villain in our story.

Development Diary 12/04/16:

  • A bit of a fun Dialog Sample for this evening:

Since we’re working on “The Kaiser” we thought it might be fun to share a dialog sample and spotlight his personality. The Campaign’s primary antagonist is extremely genre savvy and tight lipped throughout the whole adventure - he’s clearly read “The Evil Overlord’s List.” (link is external)

He’s not one to waist resources, kill minions without good cause, or create self-destruct buttons. He won’t twirl his mustache and spill his plans to the heroes, or abandon them to his subordinates to dispatch. The Kaiser knows full well that the appearance of piety and goodness is a valuable asset, and he is quite generous with his wealth. (Of course, every copper of it was was earned through, theft, murder and conquest). You could say he rewards his subordinates quite well with OTHER people’s wealth. At his heart, The Kaiser is a genius at social manipulation and planning. He hatches plans where most of the possible outcomes advance his goals - this way, even when he’s defeated, his overall scheme is still plodding forward. His ability to network and manipulate people helps him pivot when things don’t work as planned, and this flexibility allows The Kaiser to play Xanatos Speed Chess on a level equal to, or surpassing that of The Knight Captain.

In other words, he’s a worthy foe.

For example, this exchange as the Knight Captain finds himself cornered attempting to flee Neverwinter:

  • Area Title: Neverwinter Docks District
  • Required Characters: Safiya, Khelgar
  • Points of interest: 3 way intersection
    The party continues the running battle into the Docks District, having ditched Isho, (for now), and will face a constant onslaught of Wa Mercenaries and Night Masks. The party will eventually be channeled into a two way street, and find themselves face to face with The Kaiser and Orbakh, spearheading a force of Night Masks. Isho and his forces then spawn behind the party, leaving them trapped.

The Kaiser: “I must admit… I’m a bit disappointed in you Knight Captain… walking into such an obvious snare? I’ve mistaken competence for dumb luck perhaps. A pity.”

Lord Nasher: “Wretch! I should have seen through your smarmy facade from the outset – Nevalle certainly did. Save me the trouble of cutting down your underlings and toss yourself upon my blade!”

The Kaiser: “…and look at this… you’ve kidnapped my “guest.” How inconsiderate.”

Player Dialog Options:

1: Did you expect to usurp the throne unopposed? We are but the first… should we fall, others shall rise up and defeat your plans. You’ll not long fool the Lords of Waterdeep with this farce!

2: Well isn’t this just convenient. Lure us all in, flush out the spies and then kill off the resistance before it even gets started. You’re too clever by half if you think Baldur’s Gate will tolerate your rule. You’ll have ten thousand Flaming Fist beating on the wall by this time next month.

3: What a banal plot! What limited vision! You’ll not long hold this city Kaiser. If the true powers of the Sword Cost fail to rout you out, then the Luskans will dance their army over your crow-pecked bones. I laugh at your shallow ambitions!

The Kaiser: “Oh… is this supposed to be the part where I divulge my dastardly plans? You insult me.”

Khelgar Ironfist: “Heh… well… was worth a try.”

The Kaiser: “Men… you are to kill every last one of them, dice their corpses into tiny pieces, burn the kibble and then scatter their ashes into the harbor.”

Orbakh: “Assuredly.”

The Kaiser: “All except the Red Wizard. I want her corpse - or at least her torso - mostly intact. Assuming that’s reasonably possible.”

Safiya: “Me? Flattering… and… now I’m actually quite curious… why?”

The Kaiser: “I need your fresh, still beating heart for… something. (Smiles wickedly).”

Safiya: “I’m afraid my heart is rather necessary.”

The Kaiser: “Not if you’re dead.”

Safiya: “That’s actually… distressingly logical. We could use a miracle about now…”

The camera pans upwards, revealing the Knight Captain to be completely trapped, with Isho and his forces approaching from the rear, and The Kaiser’s troops walking from the front. To the North is a narrow alley, blocked off with a wagon and barrels. As the camera continues to widen, and Edwin and his Red Wizard minions charge into the alley, catching a glimpse of the Knight Captain and his party. The narrow corridor and their late arrival to the scene means the Thayans are unaware that the party is surrounded…

Coder’s Note: Play the drum-beat music from MotB’s final battle.

Development Diary 12/04/16:

  • We’ve Finished the Westgate Faction:

From Left to Right: Lathanderite Paladins, Fists of Lathander, Favored Souls of Lathander.

From Left to Right: Tylanna of the Seventh Rose, Olive Ruskettle, Alias of Westgate, Dragonbait

Development Diary 12/05/16:

  • We’ve Finished up The Menagerie - Kaelyn’s brothers and sisters in the Crusade against The Wall of the Faithless.

From Left to Right: Bekkah the Lion, Efrem the Stag, Susah the Crow, Josu the Lion.

Development Diary 12/06/16:

  • We’ve Finished up The Uthgardt Tree Ghost Tribe for the Grandfather Tree quest line.

From Left to Right: Tree Ghost Battlers, Tree Ghost Foresters, Tree Ghost Ragers

From Left to Right: Tree Ghost Shamen, Tree Ghost Skelds, Tree Ghost Skullcrushers

From Left to Right: Tree Ghost Thane, Chief Stone-river, Tree Ghost Thane

Development Diary 12/07/16:

  • We’ve Finished up The Luskan Faction for the Rescue Casavir quest-line and the the possibility of purchasing their aid in the final battle (in exchange for Port Llast).

From Left to Right: Luskan Clerics of Bane, Luskan Elite Soldiers, Luskan Threshers.

From Left to Right: Luskan Officers, Luskan Archers, Luskan Host Tower Mages.

From Left to Right: Blaskar Lauthom, Arabeth Raurym, Valindra Shadowmantle, Rimardo Domine

Development Diary 12/08/16:

  • We’ve touched up the Wa Mercenary force - improved faces, hair, added more Asian weapons, and fixed the issue with the female tabi. While we were at it, we added a few new units.

From Left to Right: Wa Bushi, Wa Monk, Wa Shukenja

From Left to Right: Wa Ninja, Wa Ronin, Wa Wu Jen

From Left to Right: Isho Oroshi, Sword Saint of Wa.

Development Diary 12/08/16:

  • The saintly kevL has created us a modular script template for Figurines of Wondrous Power. Much awesome incoming:

  • It’s Friday night, so we’re having some fun on the faction front:

From Left to Right: Catch-Phrase!!!, Contract-Porn, Chet Awesome-laser, Shut Up Wesley!, What-ho!, One-shot-Wonder.

Development Diary 12/011/16:

  • We’ve added 22 new images to the icon set, based on various figurines of wondrous power.

The Stand-alone version of the icons is available HERE.

Development Diary 12/011/16:
kevL has written an amazing script for our Figurines of Wondrous Power, and we have used it to create thirteen of them for the campaign:

  • Amber Spider
  • Lapis Lazuli Scarab
  • Onyx Panther
  • Onyx Dog
  • Jasper Boar
  • Jade Dragon
  • Obsidian Steed
  • Golden Lion
  • Silver Serpent
  • Jade Hound
  • Pewter Bat
  • Bronze Tiger
  • Guenhwyvar

We will set these up as a stand-alone add-on.

Each figurine summons a creature that aids the caster in some way, serving as a long lasting companion until it is slain, dismissed, or the duration expires.

Amber Spider
This reddish, spindly figurine looks like a spider. It is carved from a solid piece of brilliant amber, and is warm to the touch. Once each day, the figurine’s owner can transform it into a giant spider, with a poisonous bite and the ability to cast high level web spells.

Lapis Lazuli Scarab
This small insect is carved from vibrant lapis lazuli, and set into a base of yellow gold. Once each day, the user can command the device to change into a heavily armored giant beetle. The creature is able to withstand a tremendous amounts of punishment.

Onyx Panther
This large piece of onyx is carved in the shape of a panther striking at some unseen prey. Once each day, the statue can transform into a large black panther. The creature is a powerful melee attacker, who excels at sneak attacks, stealth and silent movement.

Onyx Dog
A glossy piece of polished onyx, fashioned in the shape of a black dog. When summoned, (once per day), the animal loyally follows its owner, and is capable of casting beneficial status buffs on itself and others in the party.

Jasper Boar
This ornately carved piece of red jasper resembles a savage looking boar. Once each day, the figurine may transform into a large boar, capable of entering berserk rages and cleaving multiple foes in a single strike.

Jade Dragon
A delicate piece of green jade, carved to resemble a dragon. Once per day, the sculpture can change into a young bronze dragon, capable of casting healing spells and fighting for its owner until it’s duration expires or it is slain.

Obsidian Steed
This pitch black obsidian shard has been fashioned to look like a fierce horse. Once each day, its owner can transform it into a vicious Nightmare, capable of attacking enemies and going ethereal at will.

Golden Lion
This lion is carved from a small gold ingot, and glitters in the light. Once per day, it may be commanded to transform into a mighty lion, capable of powerful melee attacks and causing fear in its enemies.

Silver Serpent
This intricate carved snake is made from sparkling silver, and shows no trace of tarnish. Once per day, the figurine can transform into a large snake, with a poisonous bite and the ability to paralyze enemies at will.

Jade Hound
A sleeping dog is carved into this piece of streaked jade. Once each day, it can be compelled to turn into a magical dog, capable of defending its owner, casting blur, and placing enemies into an enchanted slumber.

Pewter Bat
A small pewter bat, intricately carved and cold to the touch. Once a day, the sculpture can change into a shrieking, biting bat. The creature steals life from those it attacks, and it’s horrible keening can confuse its enemies.

Bronze Tiger
This small bronze tiger looks incredibly lifelike, a masterpiece of casting. Once a day, the figurine may transform into a large white snow tiger, with the ability to fight enemies and cast haste on itself and others.

The Onyx Panther Guenhwyvar is a magical creature called from the Astral Plane, and is the companion of Drizzt Do’Urden. Unlike most other figurines of wondrous power, she is intelligent, free-willed and dearly loves her master. Guenhwyvar is lethal in melee combat, and is more than a match for many seasoned warriors. She is capable of killing targets instantly on high enough attack rolls.

Note 1: Anyone but Drizzt who uses Guenhwyvar will be immediately attacked by her.
Note 2: All figurines automatically gain Greater Magic Fang, Jagged Tooth, Bear’s Endurance, and Bull’sStrength upon summoning.

Development Diary 12/16/16:

  • We’ve Finished up The Companions of Mithral Hall. Sadly, because of the campaign’s location in the Forgotten Realms timeline, Catti-brie, Wulfgar, and Brunor are unavailable for a cameo. Nevertheless, we built them, as we plan to release the entire faction package as a stand-alone for modders looking for quick NPCs. (If anyone wants to make an Ale-mug shield and a one-horned helm, we’ll happily add it).

  • The Amber Spider figurine was remade since the old one looked horrible. Turns out that spindly spider legs don’t look very good at 72dpi when reduced to 5% of their source size.

  • Built Manuals of Golem Creation - Clay, Stone and Iron varieties. The construction of these will be part of Safiya’s optional quest-line.

  • We have been working to improve the Figurines of Wondrous Power - in order make them truly exceptional summons. They now get the benefits of Jagged Tooth, Animalistic Power and Greater magic Fang instantly when summoned. By this weekend we should have the stand-alone package for the creatures finished for modders.

From Left to Right: Regis, Catti-brie Battlehammer, Guenhwyvar, Drizzt Do’Urden, Wulfgar, Bruenor Battlehammer

Development Diary 12/17/16:

  • We’ve packaged the Figurines of Wondrous Power into a stand-alone package.
  • Here are the new creatures added, using models from Cyphre’s Companions and WS Creature Conversion Project.
  • We’ve added another twenty pages to the Campaign Bible.

From Left to Right: Bronze Tiger, Golden Lion, Amber Spider, Jade Hound, Jasper boar

From Left to Right: Emerald Hound, Onyx Steed, Pewter bat, Onyx Panther

From Left to Right: Guenhwyvar, Jade Dragon, Silver Snake

From Left to Right: Stone Solem, Iron Golem, Clay Golem

Development Diary 12/19/16:

  • We’ve finished up the Academy of Shapers and Binders faction:

From Left to Right: Academy Priests of Oghma, Academy Spell Knights, Commander Oseye, Master Djafi

From Left to Right: Oronock, Mistress Namara, The Founder, Mistress Zerzura, Thael-ka

Development Diary 12/20/16:
Just a heads up - most of the faction creatures in all of these various screenshots are wearing full suits of customized gear - their clothing is built as separate items, customized to their class, and then each piece is equipped. These are NOT, (for the most part), applied to the models with Never Show Armor/Helm enabled. Players will be able to take/buy/find/steal most of this equipment as they play the game, and thus be able to wear matching ensembles if they so wish.

We’ve build 3,611 pieces of unique equipment, (and counting), for this campaign, most of which the players can get their hands on one way or another. It was incredibly time consuming, but overall the opponents are much more challenging for it, and the players can access gear that is a bit more attractive than the standard NWN 2 Rainbow-pimp-wear.

Development Diary 12/21/16:

  • We’ve finished Updating Edwin’s Thayan Faction, trying to highlight the distinctions between them and the Academy, as well as give them some more unit diversity. In Edwin’s VERY brief takeover of Thay, these were his backers - and each was promised a position as a Zulkir in Edwin’s 1,000-Year reign. Or… twenty-four hours. Whichever. They were then forced to flee with the Conjurer when his plan to rule Thay came to a very abrupt end.

From Left to Right: Red Wizard Invoker, Red Wizard Conjurer, Red Wizard Enchanter, Red Wizard Transmuter, Red Wizard Abjurer, Red Wizard Necromancer

From Left to Right: Red Wizard Illusionist, Red Wizard Diviner, Thayan Terracotta Pugilist, Thayan Terracotta Archer, Terracotta Warrior.

From Left to Right: Thayan Gnoll Berserker, Edwin Odesseiron, Thayan Gnoll Archer.

Development Diary 12/28/16:

  • We’ve finished the Rashemi faction. With some very high level persuasion skills, the Knight Captain will be able to recruit The Ice Troll Berserker Lodge and some of the Wychlaran for the final battle.

From Left to Right: Aleksei, Forovan, Jurak, Lena, Radu, Sergei.

From Left to Right: Vyk, Yagor, Yulia, Nak’kai’s Telthor Animal Companion, Nak’kai.

From Left to Right: Katya, Kazimika, Sheva Whitefeather, A Very Angry Telthor Badger.

Development Diary 12/31/16:

  • We’ve finished Levistus’s inner circle and minions. They are integral to the closure of Ammon Jerro’s character arc, and while he’s beyond redemption, it’s still possible for the wily old devil, (pun intended), to get the better of Hell one final time.

From Left to Right: White Abishai, Black Abishai, Green Abishai, Blue Abishai, Red Abishai.

From Left to Right: Infernal Imp, Infernal Erinyes, Hellcat, Infernal Paeliyon.

From Left to Right: Infernal Cornugon, Infernal Pit Fiend.

From Left to Right: Erridon Alaka (Gelugon), Trinity (Hellcat), Mephasm (Pit Fiend), Zanth (Cambion).

From Left to Right: Koraboros.

Development Diary 1/01/17:

  • We’ve finished up the forces of Coveya Kurg’annis, which the Knight Captain can recruit providing they spared the Slumbering Coven in MotB and agree to surrender Gann to the Hags, (in payment for their aid). Let’s ring in the New Year with some truly dastardly plot options!

From Left to Right: Hagspawn Warrior, Hagspawn Berserker, Hagspawn Axeman, Hag Bound Will-O’-Wisp.

From Left to Right: Kurg’annis Annis, Kurg’annis Bheur, Kurg’annis Green hag, Kurg’annis Sea Hag, Kurg’annis Night Hag.

Development Diary 1/01/17:

  • We’ve finished up recruitable Harper force, and are already on to the next faction.

From Left to Right: Harper Bards, Harper Blades, Harper Sharpnotes.

From Left to Right: Harper Lifechanter, Arilyn Moonblade, Danilo Thann, Harper Lifechanter.