NWN 2 Conclusion Campaign + Tomb of Horrors Revamp


How far are you from finishing the whole thing in terms of writing?


Only two character missions and the final scenes remain, so about 90% to completion.


Oh! Amazing!

I misinterpreted the initial post, then!


Maybe add bigger amount of alignment changes for the PC? Like a lawful char will get a bigger shift when siding with the thieves than a chaotic char?


Perhaps, the specific mechanics of that are not entirely set in stone. We’ll have to see when it is that far along.


Survival skill & related feats to influence hydration?


Yes - for example, there will be resources points in most outdoor maps that people with the survival skill can exploit to gain free water, food, equipment and other resources. One thing I’d like to explore is allowing the survival skill will determine the quantity and probability of getting meat from slain animals.

The notion of having Survival impact hydration progression/food rest requirement is an interesting one however. I will think about it and discuss it with some of the more code-oriented collaborators. In some ways we’re already doing this, just in a more manual fashion, but it’s certainly worth some consideration.


I feel the current purpose of survival just for tracking is rather shallow, so i thought it could be more widely used by builders.

Maybe also allow it to be used in cooking food - cooked food gives more\longer benefits than uncooked.

Use the torch item or any flame spell to cook? Although for fun make it that super flame spells turn food to ash…


I had an idea for one of my projects to add some blank feats called “learning points” the pc would be able to pick during level-up. Then if he would find the right teacher he could have exchanged any of those “points” for some “rare” feats (unavailable in any other way) that would modify pc’s cooking / hunting skills. It would give the campaign some Gothic / PS Torment vibe which I really like, as you wouldnt just be granted a skill, you’d have to find the right person to teach you (and pay them). Just throwing that out there :wink:


I think epic level characters can successfully hunt without issue. Also there are common spells to create food and water, though they don’t exist in nwn2. I’d suggest it is needless complication.


zzc - We are definitely going to expand on it, however probably not to the extent of actually cooking it. Rhea will handle the deluxe foods :slight_smile:


jestemwlodzimierz - That’s a cool idea. It’s probably a bit late to implement them in our campaign, but these “learning points” would be really interesting to see in a campaign built from the ground up around them. It’s a concept that, if well integrated into the world, could create a very interesting “slice-of-life” style adventure. Perhaps more of an MMO styled setting where you begin at 1st level and explore/carve out the world - like a more in-depth version of Wolverhiem.


kamal - All game animals will drop food, but the quantity will likely hinge on survival. But more than just hunting, it will allow character with high ranks in the survival skill to gather fresh water and food in places where it would be difficult or impossible for non-proficient characters to do so - and there are several adventures where the party will have no choice but to scavenge, or they could risk dying of thirst/hunger. (There are also traps and monsters that use dehydration attacks in the 3.0-3.5 rule set that we have added).

Outside of these plot-relevant survival situations, water flasks and iron rations can be bought in most stores, inns offer more diverse food selections, Rhea’s magical gourmet is always there for those who want foods that buff characters and have some coin to burn - and don’t forget special magical items like Murlyn’s Spoons, Enchanted Water Flasks and Bountiful Bags of Good Berries should keep the hunger and resource system from kludging up the pace of the game.

The goal is to create some new challenges for players where careful resource gathering and management are critical to surviving the situation. The Hydration Meter, Requiring food to rest, and spell components - all of which can be harvested with enough survival ranks - will make the skill invaluable in the situations where the party has been stripped of their gear, shipwrecked, lost in a desert, or trapped in the underdark.

I feel as though we’ve done a pretty good job of making the system largely transparent (with the magical items and good availability) outside of the adventures and situations were we’d like the elements to be a legitimate threat to survival.

At the very least, we can make “go get me 30 bear asses” a more realistic request from an NPC - since it’s likely going to be supper!

Disclaimer: I don’t know what a bear ass tastes like, nor do I wish to know.


Speaking of hardcore survival stuff - did you consider giving gold weight?


While I am not opposed to the option, I don’t know the best way to handle the issue without some sort of UI for the player to place collected gold in a container of some sort? Not sure of the logistics involved in making something like that user friendly. Currently, in some instances like the traps in the ToH or situations where the players get unavoidably captured, their gold is taken by script and placed in a chest for potential recovery later. Not sure of a good way to handle it without having to resort to a dialog tree.


This already was done it is called (pencil and paper coins). Old Vault ID 135.

In the first second edition pnp games it was a lot easier to do that because the bags of holding used cubic feet as the dimensions to hold equipment and coins. This isn’t done in Neverwinter Nights there fore the problems that Sabrnic mentions. This also seems to be the problem with the use of the other types of coins. Maybe if a special type of back of holding was used it would be possible.


Gold pieces are the standard currency of NWN2.

Gold pieces do not have weight. "Gold coins are weightless because the minting process involves mashing up little air mephits to create a weightless alloy. Because this alloy is only possible with gold and not copper or silver, copper and silver currency has fallen out of favor and hardly anyone uses them anymore, certainly not adventurers. In short, a wizard did it.

I find this rather funny.

I think the copper and silver might refer to WOW, cause it uses all 3 types of currency there.


Actually there have been platinum, gold, silver, electrum and copper coins in Dungeons and Dragons going back to 1974 when it first was published in the World of Greyhawk.


I think gold weight is one of those things you should think first on before adding. Does it add a level of depth or is it just a tedious detail? I suspect the answer to that might change depending on the details of the campaign but really, it would only come into play when looting large hordes of treasure. And its effect would be multiple trips to haul off loot (possibly a more tedious detail than fetch quests). Little more.

Regular use of currency in terms of what adventurers carry around is going to end up the higher value coins or just gems to be sold as needed for spending money. Same as pen and paper.


Yes you’re correct if we just look at the way the Red Dragon hoard was handled in the OC. This is the way it would have to be handled.