NWN 2 Conclusion Campaign + Tomb of Horrors Revamp


Another issue that injate just reminded me of is that we’ve already itemized hundreds of containers and monster templates. Integrating a new money system at this point might really set us back a long ways.


I don’t see a significant benefit to using mixed coins unless you’re going to go overboard detailing other parts of a campaign. (The Scroll, for example.)


Just a thought - I wasn’t suggesting anything :wink:
I really like the way it was handled in Fallout NW where you could choose: do you want a simplistic campaign, or do you want a challenge, where everything has weight? But yeah - the amout of scripting required for that would be overwhelming :stuck_out_tongue:


There is nothing wrong with throwing out ideas. Sometimes they won’t work, sometimes they really improve things. The only way to figure out which is to toss’em into the arena and discuss’em. No worries at all. All feedback and ideas are appreciated.


Maybe use the caravan mechanic from zehir to carry stuff around?


Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be negative about suggesting ideas; just practical. :grinning:


Maybe the caravan mechanism from zehir can be used to store excess coins and items?

Set a max for the coins the party can carry in inventory, and further coins gained goes into the caravan. Crafting ingredients could go into that, hides, foods, etc.


While the SoZ campaign will impact the plot, I don’t think trying to graft too many of the SoZ mechanics will be feasible at this point. We have a few, like the group skill system, but the over-world and caravan system probably would just not be something we could integrate at this point. It’s a neat idea though.


If you want to use the SoZ overland and caravans, I made a demo and documentation of them.


Will this have a minigame like the keep in OC or the trade caravan in zehir? I rather like those side games, and the option to continue playing with them even when they are all complete.


Th arena and the infinite abyss are intended to fill these roles.


Oh yes its like the individual arena in westgate where you could happily grind right?

Too bad the group arena was not the same.


The arena is more of a challenge area with very difficult battles against challenging groups, the exp would not be very good. The infinite however abyss is intentionally designed to be very good fro grinding up the characters you don’t use as much, as well as farming asterite, netherium and arcanium to upgrade their sets.


Any news? :smiley:


I should have the time to dive back into the project with the kind of time investment it deserves in a couple of months. People are still doing little things - and some big things - but at the moment I have to prioritize family and work. I have been asked to do a bit of a re-write with regards to some of the MoWG content, and out of respect for the people that asked, I am going to do so. It won’t be a radical shift in story, but it will require some careful re-working of the dialog. It was a reasonable request, so I will acquiesce.


If y’all need some more help with Graz’zt - let me know. I’ll have some more time to spare this X-mas. :wink:


What would you like to add? You’ve made him pretty astounding.


If I remember well there’s still cutscenes to be made (written), which could use some animations. You also mentioned that you’d like to give him a lip-sync on his lines, which is possible, but with with a separate model and some movie magic. Plus his AI script got really complex and that was just a test version of it :wink:


If you want to work on a cut-scene version that would be amazing. I just don’t want you to prioritize your Christmas fun behind working on demon princes - make sure you budget the lion’s share of your time to having a great time over the next few weeks. It’s the holidays.


Thanks for the concern, but no sweat - Christmas fun is 2 days for me, then I’m going back to work :stuck_out_tongue: Though it won’t be as intensive as previous 2 months so I’ll have time to fulfil myself creatively :wink: