NWN 2 Conclusion Campaign + Tomb of Horrors Revamp

Working hard on the Vigilant II NPC’s and interior, but I won’t lie… the toolset has been a nightmare to work with in windows 8. Changes to creatures do not update until I click on them again, colors are not updating until I close and re-open modules and the appearance wizard crashes every time I use it. I thought ditching my XP machine would help improve things, but I apparently just conjured forth a demon of some sort to infest my toolset. Maybe I’ll sacrifice a chicken to it to mollify its hatred of all living mortals.

This has taken me all weekend just to get things set up again. Phew.


Yeah, Windoze 8 is a pain. I’ve had to grow used to making changes to blueprints rather than trying to modify parts directly in the area view.


Injate and Xaylla have a workaround using VMware that solves pretty much every single toolset issue caused by Win 7,8 and 10. We’re testing it to make sure everything is OK, and if it’s good I will make our fix available to the more prolific devs here. For “reasons” we’ll want to restrict the number of people we release this to.

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How’s the mod size? Y’all managed to get below 1 TB?

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It’s smaller for certain now that most of the content has been consolidated into the campaign folder. We had lots of assets being replicated and I believe only the ToH remains to be fully consolidated. But since we have someone working on it, we can’t move on that until they finish.

I am also learning to use Soundbooth and I’m trying to get as much compression as I can from the music without destroying the quality too much. I think we can get half a gig just by using better optomization.


I am getting ready to release the work I’ve been doing on the Vigilant II as a stand-alone. My question is this - would people prefer it as:

1: A more “bare bones” module for importing into their own campaigns with a minimum of scripts and custom content.

2: Something more foundational, including our Hydration system, custom scripting, icons, food system, unique items, etc, that could be used to create an entire campaign from the ground up based around sailing your ship from one adventure to the next?

Trying to keep the project moving, yet I think it’s important to keep releasing components for developers as a way of giving back to the community. In order to avoid getting side-tracked for a month, I really can only afford to do one or the other - and either option appears like they’d take about the same amount of time to implement.


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I would go with option 1 to be honest. Option 2 sounds intriguing because of all the custom things in it. However, it would be tough to understand and incorporate all the CC. I think option 1 offers a faster way to use something cool. I would still like the hydration system, icons etc but perhaps they could be released on their own?

In any case, both would be nice to see.

I’d say 2. In my book postponed = polished, while rushed = unfinished. It’s not like we paid you guys money to make any kind of demands on release date. We can wait.


Development Diary 4/19/19:

  • We’ve made the Vigilant II into a stand-alone module for those who would like a fully fleshed out ship to add to their campaigns. Features and link below:

Vigilant II Prefab
Created by: RWS, slowdive, Russell Cox, Sabranic
Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 4/18/19
Link:* https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn2/module/vigilant-ii-prefab

Standard Installation Instructions:

Requires: NWN 2 OC, MotB, SoZ1.

  1. Unzip the Vigilant_II_Prefab.zip file2.
  2. Open the C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\modules directory.
  3. Place the Ship Prefab.mod file in the modules directory.
  4. Place the rws_pocketships.hak and rws_pocketships_2da.hak files in the hak directory.
  5. Start the NWN 2 application and select “New Game” and then “New Module.”
  6. You should see Ship Prefab available. Select it to enter the Vigilant II.

After her adventures in Storm of Zehir, Lastri Kessireh would undoubtedly seek to replace her wrecked ship. This module imagines the outcome of that venture. The Vigiliant II is designed to be a mobile headquarters, and features four fully decorated decks, a host of colorful NPC’s and numerous useful features that are ideal for any high-seas campaign.

Implemented Features:

  • Four decks, fully decorated.
  • All cannon SoZ crew accounted for.
  • Several new crewmembers from the community.
  • A row-boat to use as an area transistion.
  • A full crafting deck.
  • A functional gally.
  • An armory stocked with weapons and ammunition.
  • The captain’s quarters, populated with all the trappings.
  • Crew quarters.
  • Housing for the ship’s compliment of marines.
  • A Cargomaster who will purchase items from players.
  • A resident priest of Waukeen who will dispense healing magic for a fee.
  • Private cabins, Peasant, Merchant and Noble class.
  • A working brig.
  • *SoZ Style Party logbook.
  • All NPC’s have items set to pickpocket.

*Note: Due to the numerous ways people handle their party editor, we’ve left the scripting out, in the interest of making it easier to insert this pre-fab into existing campaigns.


Development Diary 4/26/19:

  • Thanks to Trinital, Elminster now smokes his pipe.


This is easily the most important update this thread had in years!


In the “Golden Ending” when Elminster delivers Edwin his long-overdue, gender-bending comeuppance, the entire cut-scene would be lacking without the pipe.

It adds a certain degree of… panache.



Development Diary 5/15/19:

  • Working on Finch’s conclusion scenario, a murder mystery where he’s been framed for the murder of a Waterdhavian Nobleman who’s wife he was romancing.

Development Diary 5/30/19:

  • Continuing Finch’s scenario, turning it into a proper murder mystery.

Dialog Sample:

  • Area Title: Phoenix Tail Inn
  • Required Characters: Finch
  • Points of interest: Phoenix Tail Inn, The Friendly Arm Inn

The first time the player returns to the Phoenix Tail Inn after unlocking the full use of Startear’s teleporter without Finch in the party, they will find the place in an uproar. Duncan will meet the KC at the door, and begin a dialog explaining the commotion.

Duncan: Not a moment too soon! We’ve got quite the mess on our hands now. I knew that good-for-nothing bard was trouble!

Player Dialog Options:

1: Finch? What’s happened?
2: Whooooah there… slow down now… Finch? In Trouble?
3: I knew that cur was worthless… what has he done NOW?

Duncan: Finch was strutting about like a peacock and running up his tab – as usual… the lazy retch – when a dangerous lookin’ pair shoved their way through the crowd and drew steel. Bounty-hunters from the look of‘em, I’ve seen enough of their kind to know the score. Probably planned on snatching him and bolting.

Player Dialog Options:

1: Go on.
2: Bah! I don’t have time for this. Finch’s problems are his own. He can rot.
3: I really don’t have time to dig Finch out of another one of his personal entanglements.

(If 2, or 3) – Duncan: You sure about that? They might be trapped upstairs fer’now, but it won’t take‘em long to figure a way out… might be the last we hear of ol’ Finch. Don’t get me wrong… he’s an insufferable pest… but leaving him to those two seems a bit… cold…

Player Dialog Options:

1: I see your point – continue with your story.
2: My mind is made up. Finch is more trouble than he’s worth.

(If 2) – Duncan: Well… I can’t say this sits well with me. Not a bit. I doubt Daeghun would approve either. You’re the boss’n all, but you were raised better than this. It’s no way to reward an ally, that’s for sure.
Coder’s Note: Remove Finch from the party roster permanently, and remove him from the ending sequences. Remove Arilyn and company from the 2nd floor.

(If 1) – Duncan: Whatever their plan, I’ll wager they didn’t expect half the place to draw weapons and come at’em. The blonde fellah’s eyes almost jumped strait outta his skull. The gal with him kept her cool though… hawk-faced, half-elf lass. The blue-eyed she-devil pulled a glowing sword and threatened to give ol’Finch a second smile if anyone took another step.

Player Dialog Options:

1: What happened next?
2: My mind is made up. Finch is more trouble than he’s worth.

(If 2) – see above.

(If 1) – Duncan: They backed upstairs, and drug our tweety-bird with them. All I could do to keep everyone from charging up there after’em. Best you hurry on, gods know what tricks they might have up their sleeves.

When the player heads upstairs, they find Finch lying unconscious on the floor, Arilyn standing over him, sword drawn, and Danilo in the process of trying to open a magical portal to a Harper redoubt. When the KC draws close enough to hit the trigger, a dialog opens.

Arilyn: Hurry, that crowd won’t stay downstairs long.

Danilo: Poor planning… next time we scout the place first! Gods! Practically every salted adventurer north of Baldur’s Gate was sitting in there. I’m half amazed Cadderly Bonaduce didn’t join the mob!

Arilyn: Just use the scroll and get us out of here… damn… too late… get ready…

Player Dialog Options:

1: …and where do you think you’re off to with my friend?
2: It’s rude to bird-nap my favorite Finch lady.
3: You know… this is not improving my day. At all. Mind giving Finch back?
4: Halt. You would DARE steal from ME?

Danilo: Hail! We don’t wish a confrontation. This is Harper business, and none of your concern. Let us be on our way if you please!

Arilyn: This man is a wanted murderer, and he WILL be brought to face justice. Draw closer and you’ll taste my blade.

Danilo: Somewhat less than diplomatic… as always my dear.

Player Dialog Options:

1: Murder? Finch? I highly doubt that.
2: Finch? Hahaha… yeah… right. He’s a ladykiller… not a killer-killer.
3: Murder you say? Perhaps Finch is more capable than I suspected…

Danilo: Finch stands accused of the murder of Lord Boddy Peahen, a Harper in good standing… and a personal friend.

Arilyn: He WILL return with us to face justice… and if we must fight our way out, then we will…

Danilo: …but we certainly hope that such unpleasantness can be avoided.

Finch: …ow… either I’ve gotten myself into another drinking bout with Lord Ironfist… or a pair of surly brigands mistook my head for a tambourine…

Arilyn: Quiet you. I knew we should have gagged him.

Finch: You are mistaken on this “murder” business you’re getting on about…

Arilyn: You know what you did.

Finch: I most certainly do not! Literally! I swear I don’t know what happend!

Danilo: We’ll sort this out once we return to the scene of the crime. Justice will be fair and swift…

Arilyn: …and final.

Player Dialog Options:


Arilyn: I don’t really care what you think about the situation. The fact is, we’re leaving, and Finch is coming with us…

Danilo: Ahem… and we of course mean that with the upmost respect.

Finch: If it’s all the same to you, I’ll pass thanks…

Arilyn: Club him until he shuts up again.

Player Dialog Options:

1: Surely there is a way to prove Finch’s innocence?
2: Yeah… I don’t think we’re going to let you walk out of here with our friend.
3: Understand this… I consider Finch to be my… property. If your intention is to steal from me, then you should make peace with your pathetic, mewling gods.

Combat Breaks Out:
(If 2, or 3) – Danilo: I was afraid you’d say that…

Arilyn: Swordplay it is then!

Danilo: Lads! It appears we’ll be doing this the hard way! Time to earn your pay!

Finch: Wait! Hold on… everybody… the last thing we need is…

Coder’s Note: Arilyn and Danilo are set to hostile and seven various harpers spawn and join the battle on their side. Finch cowers in the corner until the fight concludes.

Finch: This… this is… bad… Arilyn and Danilo are Harpers in good standing… could we have handled this without the bloodshed?

Player Dialog Options:

1: They didn’t give us much choice Finch…
2: Whoa now… they were going to try you for murder… show some gratitude, will ya?
3: Those fools brought their deaths upon themselves.

(If 1, 2 or 3) - Finch: You don’t understand… the rest of the Harpers will see this as proof of my guilt. They’ll… be after me now. And you too. Do you realize who these people were? Alas, it’s time for this Finch to fly. Your company has been… interesting Knight Captain of Neverwinter. Always keep an eye behind you, the Harpers will surely seek revenge. Farewell!

Coder’s Note: Finch is removed from the roster permanently. Also, the Harpers will attempt to ambush and assassinate the party during the stealth mission in the final battle.

(If 1) – Arilyn: Yeah, stay out of our way.

Danilo: Hrm… hold a moment Arilyn – perhaps we can avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

Arilyn: Oh? You have my ear.

Danilo: We are returning the scene of the crime… if you, your companions and Finch agree to come peaceably, we can work together to reconstruct the murder. You believe your friend is innocent - surely we can discover evidence that clears his name?

Finch: One can only hope…

Danilo: A confrontation here would draw the wrath of the Harpers. Why don’t we work together to see justice done? Will you accompany us as allies? It seems preferable to violence.

Player Dialog Options:

1: Very well, we shall accompany you.
2: How do we know we can trust you?
3: Never, there is no way you leave Crossroad Keep with Finch.

(If 3) – See above “Combat Breaks Out.”

(If 2) - Danilo: You don’t. However, the same can be said of us. I hope that our earnest diplomatic gesture is enough to assure you our intentions are nothing but noble. We’re willing to concede to your presence, and will allow you investigate on your companion’s behalf unhindered. Should you prove his innocence, Finch will be free to go.

Player Dialog Options:

1: Very well, we shall accompany you.
2: Never, there is no way you leave Crossroad Keep with Finch.

(If 2) – See above “Combat Breaks Out.”

(If 1) – Danilo: Ah, this pleases me. Thank you for staying your weapons. Take a moment to organize your party while I use this scroll to summon a gate. Our destination is The Friendly Arm Inn, where the murder took place. We’ve sequestered all of the guests who were present during the crime.

Finch: You’ve kept Lady Peahen and her retainers there this entire time? Well that’s going to make things… interesting.

Arilyn: If you cared so much about them, then why flee?

Finch: It seems the more prudent choice given how thoroughly I was framed.

Arilyn: “Framed.” They always say that.

Danilo: Now-now, let’s not rush to judgement. The gateway is ready. Please enter – we’ll be right behind you.

Coder’s Note: The party menu opens, and finch is forced into the group. He cannot be removed until the quest is finished one way or another. Danilo begins casting animations and a portal opens. (Use the Muslantir Shadow Portal effects). If the player tries to go downstairs, thereby entering the event trigger, Danilo interrupts the attempt and clears his throat:

– Danilo: Ahem… we’d very much prefer if you didn’t wander off.

Coder’s Note: Clicking the portal jumps the party to the Friendly Arm Inn Outskirts. Danilo, Arilyn, stand near the PC’s. There are a large number of harpers moving about the area and blocking the gates.

  • Danilo: Welcome to the Friendly Arm Inn – in better circumstances, you’ll find no finer service outside the walls of Waterdeep. As promised, you may conduct your investigation unhindered.
    Arilyn: Do not attempt to flee the grounds. There will always be eyes watching you – escape attempts will be met with force. We will be inside. Feel free to bring any clues you discover to us.

  • Danilo: And Finch…

  • Finch: Mhm?

  • Danilo: Do avoid charming your way into any other song-bird’s love-nest. I think you’ve made quite enough trouble for yourself already.

  • Finch: On my Honor.

Coder’s Note: Danilo and Arilyn walk inside. Any attempt to leave results in the Harpers at the exit warning the party off.

  • Finch: For starters… you have my thanks. I cannot put to words how lucky I am to have your aid in this matter. I… suppose you want to know a few details about what’s going on here…

**STORY POINT - The Truth of the Matter: **
Finch, always the consummate Lady-killer, found himself on the sharp end of Harper Justice after his dalliance with the lovely Lady Justinia Peahen turned into a bonafide murder mystery. The affair between the two was an open secret among the nobility of Waterdeep, and when Lord Boddy Peahen overheard the gossip, he began plotting revenge.

The nobleman arranged a fake trade negotiation in distant Sembia, and had his butler Jeevesworth and his maid Babette begin spying on his wife. Believing her husband was out of the country, Lady Peahen seized the opportunity and planned a romantic holiday with Finch at the acclaimed Friendly Arm Inn. Fully aware of his wife’s plans, Lord Peahen plotted to confront Lady Peahen and Finch in the act, ending their marriage, humiliating her and providing a pretext to “do-away with” the troublesome bard in a duel.
But things were about to get far more complicated…

The Players:

  • Lady Justinia Peahen
  • Lord Boddy Peahen
  • Jeevesworth
  • Babette
  • Madame Black
  • Doctor Prune
  • Sir Magenta
  • General Brassica
  • Countess Turquoise

Doctor Prune is a renowned physician among the nobility of Waterdeep, who uses his clinic’s treatment regimens to discover marital infidelity among the wealthy, and then extort “donations” in exchange for his “discretion.” He has long been blackmailing Lady Peahen, charging her ridiculous sums of money to keep quiet about her laundry list of lovers. When he learned of Justina’s newest paramour, the doctor realized her excursion would be the opportune time to inform “his client” that the fee for his discretion would be increasing.

Sir Magenta is a Waterdhavian soldier of some acclaim, and is the retainer to the Peahen estate. Lord Peahen brought the fighter as part of his entourage, both to act as muscle, and to duel Finch once the time came to spring the trap. Sir Magenta agreed to the task, but for reasons beyond simply loyalty to lord and land – he was one of Lady Peahen’s one-time lovers, and was brokenhearted when she kicked him from her bed for the handsome Finch. Doctor Prune is also extorting Sir Magenta, and the knight is on the verge of financial ruin because of it.

General Brassica is former military commander, who left the armed service to try his hand at the mercantile trade. While initially successful, the moment his company became a threat to Lord Peahen’s trade empire, the nobleman brutally crushed Brassica’s fledgling business, and the General has been looking to settle the score. He infiltrated Lord Peahen’s staff with Babette, who serves as his spy. When she informed him of Peahen’s plans, Brassica immediately set out for the Friendly Arm Inn to get some measure of revenge.

Madame Black is a serial widower, who uses her ravishing beauty to charm older men, who shortly thereafter die of “natural causes.” Behind her back people call her “The Black Widow of Waterdeep.” Always attentive to the noble’s gossip, Madame Black sees Boddy Peahen as too perfect a mark to pass up. She learned of Lord Body’s plan from Countess Turquoise, and intends to use the commotion to make a play for the Lord’s affections.

Countess Turquoise runs a high-end courtesan service in Waterdeep, and her clients are among the city’s most affluent. She makes large sums of side-money from Madame Black, who pays for leads on potential marks. One of her most frequent clients is non-other than Lord Peahen himself, who, in a drunken state, let slip his plan to leave his wife and get Finch killed in a duel. Countess Turquoise traveled to the Friendly Arm Inn to not only help Madame Black, but to begin extorting Lord Peahen herself.

Babette is a former courtesan, who once worked for Countess Turquoise, but General Brassica rescued her from a life of prostitution when he learned of the sad circumstances of her life. The beautiful young woman now serves as the General’s maid – and when necessary, spy. She infiltrated Lord Body Peahen’s kitchen staff, and relays any information she discovers to the General. She followed Jeevesworth to the Friendly Arm Inn to help him spy on Lady Peahen – and report back to her real employer.

Jeevesworth is Lord Peanhen’s Majordomo, who leads not only the household staff, but secretly runs much of the Boddy’s mercantile empire from behind the scenes. Jeevesworth knows that Lady Peahen is inept with regards to business matters, and if Lord Peahen were die, he would have a freehand to embezzle the titanic wealth of the merchant company into his own coffers. He helped concoct his Lord’s plan to confront his wife and kill Finch, as it would provide an opportunity to murder his employer and lay the blame at the Bard’s feet. He has bribed all of the Bartenders and kitchen staff in the Friendly Arm Inn, and they are essentially working for him.

Lady Justinia Peahen was proclaimed to be “the most beautiful woman of Waterdeep” and it was no surprise when she found herself courted and quickly married by the aging, but fantastically wealthy, Lord Boddy Peahen. Lady Peahen was far more attracted to her husband’s riches and power than the man himself, who she found cold and disinterested. She quickly began entertaining a long parade of lovers, and was far from discreet about it. She was smitten for a time by the rugged good-looks of Sir Magenta, the Peahen house retainer, but after several years, she tossed him aside for the comely Traveling Bard Finch. Doctor Prune has been blackmailing Justinia for increasingly large sums to keep quiet about her growing list of gentlemen callers, and she’s having more and more difficulty paying his escalating ransom demands. With her husband supposed gone for many months, she arranged a holiday for herself and Finch at the famous Friendly Arm in.

Lord Boddy Peahen is owns one of the wealthiest merchant houses in all Waterdeep. While he has incredible negotiating skills, his business acumen is highly suspect, and he owes most of his company’s success to his Majordomo Jeevesworth. Peahen believes he must possess the “best and most beautiful of all things, and when he saw the stunning Lady Justina, he knew he must “add her to his collection.” He considered her just another trophy, and she saw him as a lifelong meal-ticket – ‘twas a match made in the hells. Though he was usually away on business, (often in the company of courtesans provided by Madame Turquoise), Lady Peahen’s infidelity became so indiscreet that it transformed into an embarrassment for her husband. The final straw was when Lord Boddy discovered his wife sharing their bed with the low-born bard Finch. He decided to “take steps” and thus engineered a fake business trip, and then simply waited for her to snap at the opportunity. He planned to publicly humiliate and divorce her, and then challenge Finch to an honor-duel, which would be fought by his retainer, the skilled swordsman Sir Magenta, who would easily kill the bard in combat. Despite his character flaws, Peahen is secretly a highly placed member of the Harpers. Boddy finances many of their adventures and uses his merchant company as a cover so they can move freely into dangerous territories. He is well regarded within the organization, and has been instrumental in helping thwart machinations of the Cult of the Dragon and the Zhentarium.

Finch got tied up in this mess when he caught Lady Peahen’s eye in a trip to Waterdeep. Already a bit of a fop, her appeals to his vanity – combined with his playboy tendencies – landed him in serious trouble. He had a torrid, (and extremely indiscreet), affair with Justinia, and when her husband left for an extended trade negotiation, the two went to the Friendly Arm Inn on holiday. What they didn’t realize was that not only was this a trap set by Lord Peahen, but a phalanx of grifters and extortionists also accompanied them on their vacation.

The Murder: On the third night of their holiday, Finch and Lady Peahen drank profusely and made a very public scene, laughing, singing and making out. Babette disguised herself and was working tables – and spying for both Jeevesworth and the General. Jeevesworth remained in the kitchen, directing bribed kitchen staff and preparing his dastardly plan. Madam Black and Countess Turquoise had staked out a table with a good view of the room, and the Countess recognized Babette, and knew she could potentially out her, foiling her and Black’s plans. General Brassica had rented a nearby house with a good view of the Inn, and was waiting there with several of his men-at-arms for Lord Peahen, intent on ruining whatever Boddy had planned.

While on her way to freshen up, Lady Peahen is confronted by Dr. Prune, who demands a private meeting “later” to discuss an increase in her “healthcare fees.” Jeevesworth then sent Babette to Finch and Justinia’s table with drinks spiked with a sleeping agent.

Returning to the table quite flustered, Lady Peahen tried to get Finch to return to their Suite, but the bard was in a drugged stupor, and barely conscious. Justinia drank several sips of the drugged whine, but before it could take effect, Lord Peahen and Sir Magenta stormed into the Inn and made their challenge. Finch laughed, hiccupped, and passed out in his supper. General Brassica and his followers charged in the side entrance and started a heated argument that nearly devolved into bloodshed. In the commotion, Lady Peahen and Finch managed to escape to their room with the help of the Inn’s staff – under the direction of Jeevesworth.

Countess Black and Lady Turquoise try to defuse the situation, and Dr, Prune jumps in as well, suggesting that everyone calm down, and discuss matters in the morning. (After all, the extortionists and the Black Widow can’t very well blackmail and marry corpses). After several hours of yelling, insults and threats, all parties are exhausted enough to retire to rooms until the next day.

Finch and Lady Peahen are both drugged into oblivion and sound asleep in their room. Jeevesworth lures Lord Peahen out of his room under the auspices of explaining his plan, and stabs his master to death. Unbeknownst to him, Babette saw the murder happen, and she fled in fear to hide in the cellar. Jeevesworth then drags the unconscious Finch from his bed, lays him on the couch near Lord Bobby’s body, and places the dagger in his hand.

Finch awoke next to the corpse of the man whose wife he was having an affair with, with a bloodied dagger in his hand. He had no recollection of how he got there, and what happened for most of the prior evening. In a panic, Finch fled the Friendly Arm Inn and made for Crossroad Keep.

Upon discovering Lord Peahen’s body, Bently Mirrorshade summons the Harpers. Given the gravity of the situation and Boddy Peahen’s prominence in the organization, Arilyn Moonblade and Danilo Thann are brought in to help track down Finch.

Player Dialog Options:

1: Please tell us what happened Finch – spare no details.
2: It would certainly help to know what happened.
3: Explain this latest mess you’ve made bard – and be brief.
4: Spare us the song and dance, we’ll figure it all out.

(If 4) - Finch: You just want to dive into it then? Uh… if you’re sure…

(If 1, 2, 3) – Finch: Well… about a year past, I came into the acquaintance of the lovely Lady Justina Peahen. She is a beauty without equal. Lips of silk… skin of satin… eyes one can become lost in… and her firm, supple…

Player Dialog Options:

1: FINCH! (Ahem). Not THAT detailed… if you don’t mind…
2: Whoaaa there stallion… stick to the relevant details.
3: Don’t waste my time with lecherous paddle you chirping simpleton!
4: Eheheh… O.K., now this story’s getting interesting…

Finch: Ahh, forgive me. I’m getting somewhat carried away. Lady Justina and I were smitten with each other almost instantly, and we began passionate romance. It was bliss… until her husband decided to take exception to our affair…
Player Dialog Options:

1: A married woman Finch? Have you no shame?
2: …aaaand there it is…
3: So you saw something you desired and took it? Perhaps there’s hope for you yet troubadour.

Finch: I suppose… twas not one of my finer moments, but so smitten were we with one another that we flung caution to the wind. Her husband, Lord Boddy Peahen left for an important trade negotiation, and we took advantage of the opportunity to schedule a holiday here at the Friendly Arm Inn. Our time together was pure bliss… until Lord Peahen and his entourage showed up.
Player Dialog Options:

1: Continue with your tale please.
2: Go on bard…
3: I’ve heard enough.

(If 3) - Finch: You just want to dive into it then? Uh… if you’re sure…

(If 1, 2) – Finch: Both Lady Justinia and I were well into many drinks… the confrontation itself… I barely remember any of it… I believe Lord Peahen tried to get me to duel one of his companions… I think we made it back to our room… then… I awoke covered in blood – but not my own. In my hand was a stained dagger… and… next to me was Lord Boddy’s… body…

I swear I have no recollection of what happened, or how I ended up there. I didn’t know what to do, so I fled.


Love the Clue style mystery!


Thanks, I thought it would be fun. Look up Brassica


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You’re working too hard as a writer, man - just have Neeshka stab Graz’zt the mid-way through the plot and then have the PC go crazy for no reason and without any explanation. :wink:


"You f%&#d us all now Kelgar!!!"*

  • Graz’zt Demo



Writing at it’s finest.

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