NWN 2 linux on GOG

I recently bought NWN 2 complete from GOG and have read some of the posts on their forums. The game does not work on Linux and I was wondering if the game ran from other distributers, Steam, Beamdog, etc on linux. Any ideas?

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Hello, I’ve managed to make it work pretty well on Linux (Debian Testing) using the instructions provided in this very thread (using Wine)

Anyway, I think that a version compiled for Linux doesn’t exist.


The game itself should run pretty well on Linux. I installed it from the GOG version on Wine (without helpers like PlayOnLinux), and the performance and stability is excellent (I’d say better than on Windows). I never tested Skywing’s Client Extension on Wine, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked correctly.

WineHQ is a good reference getting the Wine environment right, and for resolving game-specific issues: WineHQ - Neverwinter Nights II 2.2.0 (GOG)

The toolset however, is very unstable and using it will cause module corruption most of the time. I avoid using it as much as possible, and backup my entire module every time I open the toolset.

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Thanks for the replies. I was hoping to start a general discussion about how the game ran on the various distributer’s versions but this is helpful. Wine apparently does not work with the toolset, are there any other emulators that other the toolset can use?

AFAIK there is only Wine for running Windows programs on Linux. Maybe you can try Proton: it’s a Wine fork developed by Valve for their SteamOS.

There’s also some Wine wrappers / helpers like PlayOnLinux or Lutris (they take care of setting up the wine environment for you), however unless somebody spent the time and resources to specifically debug the toolset, there’s litle chance it will work :confused:

Another solution could be to setup a virtual machine with Windows 7 (Win8 introduced severe performance issues), and install NWN2 on it.

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