NWN-2 uvs 2 textures 1 object

Ok so a tree model from the witcher 2 that I ripped has 5 uv sets. It is 1 object that uses 2 uvs, 1 bitmap and a normal texture for each uv. It appears to set the 2 uvs on top of each other. The uv texture on top has a alpha channel and part of the bitmap is transparent to make it look like they blend together. I can make it look right in blender but I cannot figure out how to make it look right in game. neverblender supports multiple uvs and up to 15 textures with a mtr and I set up a mtr in blender but I cannot figure out why no matter what I do only one will show.

Here is how it should look

@zordren3742, you might want to switch to Cycles first, bake UVs and textures, then switch to Blender Internal and use baked stuff.

Thank you,I will try this and see what I can come up with.