Nwn 2 will not launch

Hi, yes bought the game off gog last year , have got as far as act 3 but since may 5th have been unable to play it because it will not launch, tried several things to get it working, have changed the compatility settings, also tried running it as adminastrater, have reinstalled gog galaxy and downloaded direct 9xc, somebody told me this is the problem, but made no difference and also downloaded open.al but none of this worked, understand that gog dont support the game anymore, noticed recently when it still worked kept telling me i was offline? but game still worked also very slow to load a saved game, having got so far i dont want to give up, anybody got any suggestions. I am running windows 10 with specs amd ryzen 5, 8mb ram and graphics of nvida gtx1650.

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I don’t know if this will work for you but I had issues with my launcher before and I opened the C /GogGalaxy/ games/ NWN2complete folder and double clicked one of the files, either NWN2Launcher or nwn2main. I can’t remember which but if it works then just make a shortcut on your desktop of that file.

They’re the ones with the nwn2 snake head logo thing for an icon.

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Many thanks for the info but it did not work, but i did find a different launcher which was added in feb this year but still no joy.


I run Windows 10 and the GOG version. I don’t use GOG Galaxy. GOG adds directx if needed during install. A screen trying to log you on is normal.

When you try to start the game, how far into the game loading does it get?
How far are you into ACT 3?
Do you remember the area your party was in or what task the party was working on?


  1. Change the name of the “C:\Users\username\Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2” folder to what ever you want (maybe “Neverwinter Nights 2 ORIGINAL”)
    -This will keep your settings and saves backed up.

  2. Start the game and hopefully the game will start and will build a new
    “Neverwinter Nights 2” folder within the documents folder.

  3. If it starts, try to start a new game. If you can start a new game, that is a great sign.

I think I’ll stop here for now. Give this a try first.

When starting a new game after an install, sometimes a .ini file needs to be manually edited to get the graphics working (easy). We can cross that bridge if needed.

Axe Edge

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Thanks for your info changed game name to neverwinter nights 2 by adding max onto end but did not make any difference, as to how far i got my last save was in the vale of merdelain so close to the end, looking at the saved games list in my folder thought i could open it up and load it but no , when i try to lauch game all i get is a black screen for 2 seconds and then goes back to start page.

For clarification, are you able to start NWN2, navigate to your list of save games, and click on/select your saved game?

Is it after you select the saved game and click “LOAD GAME” (English version) that it goes black for 2 seconds?

Additionally, navigate to your the saved game folder. Check to see if the current saved game folder has both of these files:


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No cannot start game and cannot get to saved games,so cannot load any game and no my saved game folder does not have those files, can see my last saved game which was on may 5th but it just has a number.

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Completely uninstall the game, then delete the main game folder then delete Neverwinter nights 2 folder at Documents directory (keep save games folder if you have saves). Then install game again and install the client extension NWN2 Client Extension | The Neverwinter Vault and then run a game through a new launcher

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By any chance have you changed your anti-virus settings or software?

no , no change.

Thanks for this but when i come to uninstall the game it asks do i want uninstall the game and all its componets, worried that i will lose all my saved games.

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Saves are not deleted or overwritten but you can easily move your saves to another folder or make a backup copy. If I have an important save I may need later I make a zip copy of it and store that separately.

You can try to install the client extension first to see if it helps. Even if it still fails to run perhaps it’s something wrong with your computer components like missing drivers or other stuff like DirectX or DotNet or vcredist packs because there is no other reason why it shouldn’t run. Also, there is a possibility that anti-virus treating NWN2 as harmful (while it shouldn’t)

Thanks demoix, no problem to delete game and folder, reinstalled game and downloaded client extension o.k
game now starts but one problem, copied all saved games to a zip folder but trying to attach to game is driving me nuts!at the moment click on the saves folder brings up another saves folder, click on that and shows 16 saved games and another saves folder, click on that and all my saved games are there, thinks what i should have done is deleted the empty saves folder then sent my zip folder to the nwn 2 folder, extracted the files and the renamed it saves, hopefully that will work , apart from that the game launchs fine and can get to all more saved games, which are empty at the present, so fingers crossed once i have sorted out the saves folder it will work :slightly_smiling_face:

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well finally got all my saved games in the saves folder but when i start the game , no saved games are there rebooted my pc but no joy, cannot see why they dont show up, am i missing something, anybody got any suggestions please!

Are they unzipped? A save game should be placed at Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\saves and save game should game a folder with numbers first and then the name of the file. So autosave game should look like 000001 - Auto Save folder. And it should not be ziped

yes all saves are unzipped and show up in the saves folder all 278 of them but when i start the game nothing shows up and i dont really want to start a new game , you said auto save folder but i have not got that , just saves folder.

“quicksave” and “Auto Save” are subfolders of the “saves” folder.

I know some of my saves didn’t show because something went wrong during the save (but the game didn’t crash or give any warning error, it’s just the zipped modules files within the saved game directory that were huge). But that didn’t prevent the other saves to show correctly though.
What happens if you move move some of your saved games somewhere else, and just keep a few in the NWN2 saves folder?
Or just start a new game (with your saves folder empty), save it, and try to load?

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Solved , seems that i have 2 nwn2 games, one says neverwinter nights 2 and the other one says neverwinter nights 2 complete and i had put all my saves into the wrong one, put my saves over to the comlpete game and tried it out, back where i had left it. :joy: