NWN Alignment Manager Issue

I can’t seem to get the thing to download. Every time I click the link it just gives me an error (500, I think). The text that went with that error wasn’t very enlightening and I’m not familiar with that particular error, so any help would be appreciated. I find it absurd that I can’t take my next level of druid because my alignment shifted to CG.

This thing, yes? Downloaded and temporarily put up on mediafire. ::scrubs with eraser::

@VanillaCokeMule the link seems to be working now - might have been a temporary glitch. Can you try again, to confirm?

You might need to right-click the link to download the file.

Yep, that got it. Must have been site maintenance or something, then. I did try the right click as I use Chrome and know it can be weird about file downloads some times but saw no option for download.

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