NWN Cursors Computer Theme

Hello NWN Vault Dwellers!

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I’ve been keeping a windows compatible cursor theme pack that someone made back in the old vault many moons ago and have been using it as my main cursors for my computer since. I searched the new vault hoping to re-find it and the original author but alas could not find them.

I decided to team up with wes471 the maker of Reborn UI | The Neverwinter Vault and together we updated/made two cursor packs called NWN and NWN_HD.

Additionally we added some animations to a few of the cursors and created new ones from the source material that may have been missing for specific cursor types that our computers would need.

If anyone would like to help create some additional animations or add to this nwn cursor pack please feel free to pm me and we can make this even better!


These cursors came from NWN:EE/NWN and NWN2 and have been modified to work with computer cursors. Animations or additional affects were done by Frankenrose or wes471.