NWN Custom Content Scale Problems

Hello, I’m new to the forum and custom content in general. I’m a 3D Modeler, and good at what I do, however I seem to be running into a really frustrating problem when exporting any model I design for NWN. The problem I’m having is when I import a model, I leave everything default, scale etc within Gmax or 3DS Max. Once the model is imported, I try to export it again using NWMax Script Menu, export it back to were I found it, just to test if the scale will stay the same without me touching anything. Problem is, when exported, and all the proper files associated with the model are added to the Hak Pak, and the model shows up in the Toolset, the model is wicked wicked small! :frowning:

So I’m not sure what to do next as this utterly defeats the purpose of creating anything if you cannot just simply set a scale, and export the model, but it just stays the same size regardless what one does. Another issue I am having is finding out the in-game/toolset scale and the units used. Some say meters, other say centimeters, regardless, I cannot find any useful information address my exact problem and I’m sure many have had this issue before it seems to be pretty common from my own experience so far. If anybody could help me out and explain what they did to fix this issue that would be great. I have checked so many tutorials and links on this forum, Steam, etc but none are explaining what to do in this specific circumstance, mostly modeling, rigging, weighting, making weapons, tilesets,or NWN2 content. It could be something very simple I overlooked, but once I figure this issue out I can finally make custom content for people of which I would love to share.

Thanks for any help ahead of time. :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome!
Scale values of a 3D program (eg. Gmax/Blender) are not written into the model file. You’ve to apply a “ResetXform” (Gmax) / “Apply Scale” (Blender) to the scaled model parts, so they’re all set to 100% scale.
I use the function integrated in the tool NW(g)max -> Mesh Tools. Make sure, that you have the Modify Tab (the blue rainbow) of the object selected. But it also works, if you choose more than one object (eg. via the “Select by name” list.

I have my Gmax set to 1 Unit = 1.0 Centimeters


It looks like the size, which should be 100%, is converted to 1 (which is of course the same as 100%, except 1 is apparently understood as 1%).
As BlackRider said, try resetting the scale, or import the model at 10,000% instead of 100% (not sure it this works for NWN1, but it definitely does the trick for NWN2).

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It does indeed work! Sometimes you need to do less % wise, but it does indeed re-scale the models. Thanks for the tip!

thank you! I did this and it seems to help. :slight_smile: