NWN: DoD Quest: Phantom of Liams Hold [solved]

Im currently playing the NWN 1 Module “Darkness over Daggerford” and im pretty much stuck at the Quest “Phantom of Liams Hold”.
I went into Xandas House and read her diary. I found out that she wanted to go to the cliffs. Now I dont know what to do and where to go.
I searched both “Blade Cliffs” and “Crabs Claw Coast” but I didnt found anything. The only thing i found was a Mist Cave with an old ancient Gate, which I cant open. I searched the internet but didnt found alot. Theres talk of some hidden cave somewhere I have to find, but nobody says where exactly it is or how to get there.

Thank you for helping!!

Edit: ok, I found it.
The cave is in Liams Hold. at the east of the town in the stone wall. thats what they meant with cliff. Just walk along the stonewall a couple of times and you should find it!

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Congratulations, sometimes it just take a little persistence to get you through the rough times. Good luck with Darkness over Daggerford.