NWN:EE & all DLC now on sale on Steam/Beamdog: 50-75% reduction

Just a heads up for those of you who don’t spend much time on steam and might have missed NWN:EE on sale recently.

It’s on sale again! The best one yet (that I have seen anyway). The base game is at 50% off (£7.74) while the DLCs are 66-75% off. If you buy everything as a bundle then there’s a further 10% off (but be aware the bundle contains some, (expensive to my mind), soundtracks.)

NWN:EE (-50%) £7.74 UPDATE (-66%) £5.26
Wyvern (-75%) £0.52
Pirates (-75%) £0.52
Darkness over Daggerford:EE (-66%) £2.44

N.B. DoD has been finished and enhanced by Ossian and is reportedly a serious step up from the unfinished version they released free to the vault all those years ago when it got cancelled.

At Beamdog.com the base game is 66% off (and because I am not logged in I can give you prices in $ tho I haven’t a clue if these are US or Canadian dollars)

NWN:EE (-66%) $6.79
Wyvern (-75%) $0.75
Pirates (-75%) $0.75
DoD:EE (-66%) $3.39

I believe if you buy from Beamdog you get free steam keys (or you can use their client) but that’s something you’d best double check, so it’s 16% cheaper if you go that route.

Latest updates to EE include NWNSync, so when joining a PW all necessary haks, tlks etc will be auto downloaded (so long as the PW owner has set it up). It’s in it’s infancy atm, but forum posts seem to be positive with no real horror stories so that’s looking good. (Coming soon>>) If you buy the game for Android devices too, then NWNSync will sync your playthroughs and saves across the platforms so you should be able to swicth between devices at will. The Android game is still in Beta atm (and it’s a seperate purchase). I haven’t bought that so don’t have any more info. Check out the forums at Beamdog or their weekly livestreams for more info. (I’d give you a link but the latest windows update seems to have made CTRL+C extremely buggy for me, but it’s an easy search.)

Have fun :slight_smile:

EDIT: Seems Beamdog had the wrong price up on Steam. That one now shows as 66%, the same as on their own store site.


Thanks for the update! What’s really weird is that the digital deluxe is not on sale so it’s cheaper to buy all the components individually. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Buying direct from Beamdog definitely includes Steam keys…

…though you don’t need them unless you want the exclusive content from Steam Workshop (only a couple of artwork demos right now) or publish your mods there to get a wider audience.

UPDATE: Apparently the digital deluxe has been deprecated and BD wants us to buy the components individually.

WARNING: The Premium Adventures soundtrack, while on sale for $0.75, contains 128-bit mp3 files which are the bmu files!!! In other words, all it does is save the time of using mp3tobmu to copy & convert. Granted, for $0.75 it might be worth it. But once the sale ends, don’t buy it.

Currently I have an ticket open with BD Support to resolved this issue. So hopefully BD will fix the download and give us the uncompressed flac and 192-bit mp3 files just like they do with all of the other NWN soundtracks.