NWN (EE) data usage during multiplayer (internet)


Just a simple question here. Does anyone know how much data transfer consume playing multiplayer (internet session)? Going to sink in to one of PW’s and worrying if the data usage is going to be big? Anyone on limited broadband here?
Tymora bless ya! :sunny:

Almost nothing, back in the early days I ran a pw with 10 players on a dialup connection.


It was IIRC benchmark to run on 64k dialup for 2 people. From there you can do the math.

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Haha, that’s a good news indeed.
Let’s hope things are the same for EE :wink:

I’m sure it is. NWN actually won an award for its network programming from the GDCA. I think the target during development was 6 players playing on a server using dialup. This unexpected efficiency will help with Android players’ data usage when playing on servers from their phone/tablet.