NWN EE DD New Low Price at GOG

If you don’t own NwN EE and all (every last one) of the paid for premium modules, now would seem to be the time to get it. The UK price for all that is £5.09 (-90%). The price in other countries will vary of course but should be only 10% of its normal price. That price also includes all the Official Sound Tracks. See -



Blast, I bought the Digi Deluxe from BD for full price when EE came out with their downloader program.
wait…£50? Er…no, £5? oh yes, I’ve bought the original in 2002 for £29.99, several big box extra copies, the expansions, Diamond edition, all the premiums, the Digi Delux EE, and OSTs, so at least previous buyers should get a loyalty discount! :upside_down_face: