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Hi everyone, this is post #1.
My background: Very experienced D&D player and DM (40+ years), among many dozens other RPG formats, genres, etc. But over the years D&D has always remained king for me.
I live in Asia, but from Canada. I want to run a DM’d campain in NWN:EE for a few friends of mine who live all around the world, widely diverse timezones (L.A., Edmonton, Newfoundland, Australia). I have never DM’d and online game before in NWN.

Basically I really want to know if there is any built modules out there, like skeleton modules with areas and WPs already done, that I can get, to make my building time reduced? I want to build my own from scratch, but if there’s a great baseline template of a already made module somewhere, that I could just open and modify slightly i’d love that and it would help me a lot.

Anyone know of such a thing? And a few tips on how to just grab it, upload it, and run the DM-Client in it to test it?



Seems like what you are talking about are prefab areas. Have a look at all these. Beware a lot of them use custom content (detailed under required projects) that you will need to download as well and quite a few do not play well with other prefabs.

Don’t forget, any problems ask in here.


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Yes, right away i’d most likely be looking for very basic default modules already made, with no custom content that needs extra purchases or downloads. I just want to try and avoid having to do ALL the building myself, to save time. I mean, it would be great practice for me to just sit down and build it myself I guess, but who knows what’s out there? There might be something PERFECT already out there and bam, upload and whammo i’m on the go.

If I had a bare minimally detailed mod that had a forest, a village (city?) with a dozen buildings and doors already in, a graveyard, a dungeon and maybe roads leading to each with waypoints in already that would be awesome?

Hey Galadorn,

For an existing DM’d game prefab mod that already has the DMFI tools installed, adventuring areas, and a bunch of available NPCs created with a lot of attention to detail, you may want to take a look at “Muddles in Milton” by Quillmaster. It was originally designed as a DM-only “soundstage” module, with a lot of content but completely customizable. From the mod description:

Although no pre-defined adventure is in place, a fairly large area has been mapped out with working transitions that will act as your stage.

NPCs are also in place, including merchants and their stores.

Every NPC has a basic conversation provided so that possession is only required as and when the DM sees fit. Conversations are deliberately minimal, containing just enough so that they still appear to have some character if a player converses with them while they’re not possessed by a DM.

Separately, I have on my to-do list a DMFI base mod package for NWN:EE, along with an update of the DMFI 101 tutorial mod for DMs. If there’s enough demand, it may be worth putting into them (say) 5-6 areas which together are capable of supporting an ad hoc DM’d adventure. My original thought for the base mod was to put in the core systems with just 2 actual game areas (OOC starting area and an adventure start area).

Good luck with the campaign. Since you’ve got players spread out across time zones, you may want to consider using the new Neverwinter Connections events calendar for scheduling your games. I run a 6-player weekly campaign and we are in fact spread out across 7 different time zones, so the automatic time zone adjustment feature on the calendar saves a lot of hair-pulling when coordinating games. Free individual campaign forums are also available at NWC, you just need to put in a request for your group, and the home page has a link for that.

P.S. I remember you from ALFA baaaacck in the day.

P.P.S. Launching the DM client is a non-trivial exercise in NWN:EE, but you can look at the NWC Multiplayer Connection and Hosting Guide for a walkthrough.


LOL! Yea ALFA, I just quit again. :slight_smile: But have been playing on ALFA for about 15 years now.

That suggested module is awesome, thank you!

But since I posted this request for help, I opened up the damn toolset and dove right in, and have already built half a city, with a large sewer system beneath one area, ha! And it’s so fun to test! Thanks again, and i’ll certainly get/check-out that module you mentioned. Having Waypoints and Merchants already set up would save a lot of time for sure! Maybe i’ll make it another city nearby that the players can choose to visit if they want… :slight_smile:

Thank you!

You said launching DM-Client is “non-trivial”, is it that hard to fire up a mod and DM it??

any chance any of you could post a numbered list right here! For example:

1.) Create module in Toolset
2.) Click “Build Module”
3.) Open NWN:EE in DM-Client
4.) Go here… Do this… Do that…
5.) Choose your module in the list found here
6.) etc, etc, etc??

…there’s just too many places to find help, and that being said, it’s funny I can’t really find anywhere that spells it out simply.

It sounds like you dove right in on the building. Congrats! Your steps 1 & 2 above are pretty much right on in that respect. Lots of building tutorials out there as well.

To test out your (or any) mod in the DM client, you have to host it and then connect to it. Which is relatively easy to do, but you can’t just click on a menu button to get there. The Multiplayer Connection and Hosting guide contains an illustrated walkthrough for anyone using the DM (or player) client, to either connect to another game, or to host your own. So that has everything starting in step #3 in your list. Like I mentioned, it’s a non-trivial process to launch the DM client - you have to do things like edit the game’s desktop shortcut and then choose your hosting options - so that’s why the guide’s there.

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Here’s a brutally noobish building question, and one I expect people have asked before a million times, and also one that just simlply baffles me that it needs to be asked.

WHY does the Toolset allow CHAIRS to be put in a module, to be “Usable”, yet the PCs do NOT sit in them.

I do realise there’s scripts around that allows the PCs to sit, and/or other ways, but, wouldn’t it be something VERY simply assumed that we would want chairs to do?? shouldn’t there be an automatic at least “checkbox” in the Toolset, that when checked, said script would already be in the toolset to allow PCs to bloody SIT DOWN in a chair? LOL

Told you it was a n00b question. :slight_smile:

Also, …Got a nice link to a conversations tutorial? lol

lol, dive in Galadork!

I already figured out how to do Conversations, and set up Merchants!

I’m a ninja


It’s funny you bring up the sit-able chairs thing. I just finished updating one of my old NWN mods for NWN:EE and noted that he Standard toolset chair placeables STILL don’t have a sit script attached to them. (“Amee Pass” is the new version of the mod, it should be released in the next couple of days, after I DM it with a group on NWC - and I still have a couple of slots open, click here for the NWC event link).

The no-hak solution I use is the SEI Sitable and Moveable Placeables pack on the Vault: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/script/sei-sitable-and-moveable-placeables

You can import the ERF into your module in the toolset using the File - Import menu option. (Build the module afterwards, just to be sure.) The Custom palette will then have (basic) sitable chairs, a movable chair (which is cool, although requires you to use a conversation with it), a “sit” invisible placeable that you can put on anything in the environment to have people sit on it, and the “sei_sit” script which you can put in the “OnUsed” script of any existing placeable object (i.e. a chair) to make people sit in it.

If you’re building a full-featured mod, using the CEP hak set or another community major hak addition is usually indicated, just because of all of the new content that’s added. All of the CEP chairs included in the Custom palette are sittable, for example.

The NWN university set of collected tutorials is a general builder’s resource and contains a number of classic ones on the toolset, scripting and custom content: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/other/nwn-university-document-help-pdf-reference-guide-tutorial-xls-collection

The “Toolset Manual by the Builder’s Project” listed there (PDF file) is IMO the best walkthrough of toolset functions as a how-to for new builders, if you haven’t found it yet.

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Or you could look at this pinned thread (Does nobody ever look in the General area of these boards?) for lists of links to tutorial materials. For the items listed it makes it so much easier to find the precise thing you want instead of having to search through all the items on that page.


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What kind of prefab areas are you looking for (City, Rural, Mines, etc.)?
I have a few I maybe able to give you if its the right kind.
My prefabs usually has WPs, Doors, Mapnotes and a few basic scripts (chair sitting, door auto-closing, etc.) already done, but rarely any people (I just build them out of boredom like sim city).

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Stonehammer thank you for your reply!

I’ve dove in pretty hard past week, and decided I will be making my own module instead. Thanks to posters above, i’ve also of course added CEP to my building.

One thing i’m looking into now, if you know a quick fix to it, is how to add a DM wand that does all the good stuff, as well as a widget that I can give to my players’ PCs so they can roll skill checks etc. I’m at the this very second looking for one online to download and add, but if you know of one easy to find and grab, that would be appreciated.

Thanks again!

Though I do believe CEP contains some of those I’d suggest you take a look at DMFI. It’s long been the go to standard for that kind of thing.

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Thanks Vanya! Yes, i have since implemented the DMFI Wands and Widgets into my module, and it tests out. cheers