NWN EE Eye Color

Hey everyone, I just got Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition off of GOG for a great price. So far my impressions are positive, so positive apparently that the only standout problem I really have is the character’s eye color. In the old game, the tattoo color affected body parts, such as the eyes. This doesn’t apply to this version though. This is a problem for me because eye color added diversity to the world, and some of my beloved custom characters just don’t look the same without them. Is there an edit or mod to bring this back to normal, is Beamdog doing anything about this, and am I the only one that noticed this?

Oh, how do I say this, I literally just installed the community patch for ee and this fixed the problem, everything is back to normal for the most part. Now if someone can make an unrestricted camera mod for ee, I will be completely satisfied. To be honest, I feel a little silly making this post but maybe other players had the same concerns, in which case hopefully this will help them out.

Actually in vanilla tatoo does not change eye or lips color. This was/is provided by community patch or the project cpp incorporated (https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/hakpak/original-hakpak/coloured-eyes-lips-eyebrows).

Unfortunately there are some other colored eyes/lips packages, made as response to the original I linked and they have their colors reverted for some reason, but I think its Sinfar exclusive so probably won’t have problem with that…

There are, of course, some custom heads which key eyes and lips to tatoo colours, which still work in EE.

In other words, EE is identical to 1.69 in this respect.

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