NWN EE - GoG or Steam

Finally getting around to buying this and am wondering, mostly as my search-fu is weak and trawling for opinions seems to drag you through a mire of spite provoked hate, if any of you kind people here could advise as to whether it’s “better” to purchase through Steam or GOG.

I remember some of my newer players having to chase down individual keys for multiplayer use with GOG and so am wondering if that’s the same with Steam, and/or if there are other advantages and disadvantages to either purchase route.

Answers on a postcard … :sunglasses:

I’d get it right from Beamdog so they get the money since they’re creating the updates and new content. Of course that means using their launcher to install it but once you have you can launch it directly from the exe. If you really need the steam achievements or workshop then you know what to do :slight_smile:


Hmmm! Here’s me (stupidly) forgetting that might be an option. I neither need or want the achievements on Steam. If there are no real advantages to using the third party providers then that’s the way I’ll go.

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I bought on BD as soon as I could after release on headstart (Now called Dev Branch). If I had to choose between the other 2 I’d go for GOG for a couple of reasons. No DRM and I’ve got around 350 games on there as opposed to less than 40 on steam.

However I would advise waiting for a promo whichever you choose to go with. Maybe it’ll be reduced in the black Friday sales.


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FWIW, if you buy on beamdog.com, you get redeemable Steam keys too. You won’t get GOG keys though.


…which is all you need - Steam key lets you play with Steam Workshop - GOG key not required as there are no extra goodies there.

The way Steam stores mods in folders is arguably over-complicated (and possibly unreliable at present, according to some posts), but you have the option to install mods the old way, so no biggie.

Bottom line - buying direct from BD is probably best, for all the reasons given above, but there are no showstoppers with any of the vendors.


Okay got it through Beamdog and installed it through Steam and think I found all the gubbins and where to put Stuff™ but am a little confused as to how to run the DM Client without going through Steam. I prefer not to be running through the third party software if I can run directly.

I create a new shortcut for the exe with -dmc on the command line.

Thanks! That worked. Now all I need to do is get it set up properly for switching between fullscreen and windowed mode. A bit of a pain to have all your customisation reset, not least as it’s been so long since I did that I can’t remember exactly what I changed.

Do you know if you can change the location of your subfolders, like haks and modules, through editing the NWN.ini? It would be useful to have the plethora of large files off my rather small solid state drive under documents and on my secondary drive.

Guess I need to start consulting Beamdog forums.

Yes, you should be able to change folder locations in the nwn.ini [Alias] section.

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