NWN:EE is now a separate game type on the Vault

Because I saw some posts for things made that only work with NWN:EE and not NWN 1.69/Diamond, I asked nicely if a new game option could be added for projects.

Today I spent a couple hours going through everything added to the Vault in the last year or so, editing entries to the new game version (changing from NWN1 to NWN:EE).

Anything that was tagged with “EE”, “NWN:EE”, “Enhanced Edition”, anything with EE in the title, or anything that I could see from the description or top comments as made for, made with, compiled with, or using functions from that version of the game was edited.

Anything that stated it works with BOTH NWN and NWN:EE remained with the NWN1 game designation, as anything made for NWN1 should, by default, work with NWN:EE.

If you have uploaded anything in the last year, or if you updated something older to use only NWN:EE, please check your projects. If I mistakenly made yours for NWN:EE and it is not NWN:EE only, please change it back. If yours is supposed to be for NWN:EE only and I didn’t change it, please do so.

This will not automatically make all NWN:EE stuff show up in a generic search for “EE” or “Enhanced Edition”, but should work if you sort content by game:

If you want your entries to show up for a general search for EE, edit your entries to give them tags (in the “tags” field/box) such as “EE”, “NWN:EE”, or “Enhanced Edition”.

-The Amethyst Dragon


Hm… might have been nice to discuss this first… by analogy with SoU and HotU, EE could have been added as a Requirement, rather than as a new game.

I wonder how many times we will have to explain that the NWN1 mods are actually for EE, too?

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I agree with Proleric. Given that this change is now a fait accomplit, though, I’ve updated Sanctum to NWN:EE.

EDIT for Clarity: I was agreeing with Proleric that discussing a change like this first would have been valuable. My intent wasn’t to say that I’m necessarily opposed to listing EE as a new game. I don’t think it should be changed again, though (including changing it back) without first having that discussion.

Another observation for the record: there is no “Top Modules” sidebar list for NWN:EE. If EE is going to be listed as a separate game then we should probably treat it as one.

If you look at this page you will now see prjects that are supposed to be NwN EE only. Trouble is that for at least 2 of the items it is not entirely accurate. For a start there is a music pack that surely shouldn’t be there. The other is my Colours and Codes for StringToRGBString(). The only part of that submission that is EE specific is the demo module and I gave instructions for anyone wanting to recreate that in 1.69. All the rest of that package is usable in any version of NwN (maybe even NwN2).


I’ve sent a new request to get EE added as a requirement checkbox and then remove EE as a game. When that happens, I can then go and fix things.


Despite its name, the Aielund Saga Enhanced Edition works fine in 1.69.

Like Savant, I released a separate 1.69-compatible module for Sanctum:EE as a courtesy as well. But that’s not the point. This has more to do with the way that authors want their work to be marketed and presented. Once a game distinction on the Vault exists between EE and 1.69, I seriously doubt that anyone who spent months on an update to their work that was specifically named and targeted to EE is going to want it to be presented or listed under the old game. I certainly don’t. If there is any option to list the new release under EE, I’m going to use it. I’ll delete the courtesy 1.69 download before I’ll change my mind about that.

I’m not sure that’s a good idea. My suggestion, since this is now a fait accomplit, is to leave it as is. Repeatedly going back and forth with changes about this is not going to be received well by the authors whose work is affected by it.

Thanks, @TheAmethystDragon,
That is a long needed improvement and simplifies things a lot. No more guessing - will that work with 1.69 or is it NWN:EE only. About this tag - I prefer to see it as another expansion, but the current solution works for me :smiley:

I’m adding yet another voice requesting this be a tag.