[NWN:EE] Neverblender + decompiling models? I really need some help

Hello, I can’t find any information anywhere from google. How can I decompile a model, then import into Blender with Neverblender plugin?

I downloaded NWN Explorer (updated for EE) posted by Virusman. Then I opened my model with nwnexplorer, pressed the ASCII tab and exported that as ascii.mdl

Then I tried to import that into Blender (the .mdl import, Aurora), but Blender can’t see the file - what am I missing XD? The file is from CEP.

Honestly I feel this is important for many new newbies (like myself) that come to discover NWN:EE. This looks like a cornerstone step :slight_smile: for custom content creation, yet there is very little shared about it.

I found many tutoials, that teach you how to install Neverblender and all that. And then in the next step they are already importing a model - but not a word about decompiling a model so it can be imported into Blender firstplace XD sighs

Thank you and I appreciate for reading!

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I spent almost 2 days trying to figure this one out XD

mdltools_batchio_tool folder (which is included by Neverblender package), so this is all I need to decompile my models?

I placed my models in the “in” folder, then ran the runme.bat this is what happens: https://i.imgur.com/Q3hfWdf.png the terminal stays open like 2 sec. displaying this, then closes. And Blender is not launching (but I have the correct config)

My settings.ini

BLENDER="C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\blender.exe"

What I do when only extracting a single model is export both the compiled (gibberish!) - right-click the .mdl in the list on the left, select “Export” - and the uncompiled (readable text, ASCII) version - double-click the .mdl in the list, right-click on the “ASCII Model” tab, select “Export Text”" - and then copypaste the contents of the ASCII version into the compiled mdl. I think the ASCII export from NWN Explorer creates a .txt file, not a .mdl one.

For batch decompiling compiled .mdls, there’s the NWN Model Compiler. I’m not sure that one works for EE models, though. :thinking: I think last time I tried to compile normalmapped models with it, they just lost the normalmapping entirely.

Thank you TheBarbarian! You pointed out my mistake, which was that my exported model was not truly “.mdl” even though it displayed the extension, it appeared as a notepad file. So I fixed this, and now it imported via Neverblender!

I also have to add this information: The old nwnmdlcomp does not work with NWN:EE! For that, you have to check this thread: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/68544/nwn-explorer - both new nwn-explorer-ee edition + new nwnmdlcomp which works with NWN:EE are in this thread!

I actually tried the nwnmdlcomp just now, it did work. But I prefer the nwn-explorer-ee (which is posted in that thread) because to me Windows terminal is too much trouble XD Linux FTW! I will test whether they output identical ASCII files and edit this post.

Alright, since it is me always asking for help :stuck_out_tongue: I will take responsibility in explaining this proccess for any newbies (as I wished someone explained it to me XD).

Required downloads:
blender 2.79b
NWN-Explorer-EE or nwnmdlcomp-EE (or find the same links in the thread atbeamdog forums)


Neverblender: drop “neverblender” folder into “C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons”. Then start Blender, go to File > User Preferences… > Add-ons (tab) > type in “neverblender” and enable it via tickbox. Then click Save User Settings button.


nwn-explorer-ee open any hak, or .mdl file. Then go into ‘ASCII Model’ tab, right click and export - be 100% sure it will save as .mdl file - and not an text file with .mdl extension in the end.

Now open Blender, and import this exported ASCII file - works just like that.

To use the cmd nwnmdlcomp-ee

Create this folder structure on your C:\ drive


And put the nwnmdlcomp.exe into C:\MdlComp

Drop any compiled .mdl files into \Binary folder that you wish to decompile. Then run this command inside terminal: C:\MdlComp\nwnmdlcomp.exe -de Binary\*.mdl Ascii\ - then open the \Ascii folder, and there you will find the decompiled models which open with notepad - and can be imported via Neverblender.

Same way, import these into Blender.